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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Irresponsible Owners causing pain and torturing acts and danger to others...

Animal cruelty: Couple at Sims leaves cat-killing dogs unleashed
STOMPer Sims Resident was shocked when he saw two unleashed mid-sized black dogs, belonging to a couple, going around Sims Place attacking cats.

In an email to STOMP today (Mar 5), the STOMPer says:

“I witnessed a case of animal cruelty, on the 3rd of March, 12.45am. One couple was (the guy rode a bicycle and the woman was on foot) with their two mid-sized black dogs.

“Please note that the dogs were not on a leash. This is dangerous as other road users may get bitten.

“Their dogs went searching underneath cars for stray cats. One unlucky cat was bitten on the left leg and managed to climb up a tree.

“This happened at Blk 52 Sims Place carpark. The couple knew what was happening.

“They stopped by the side of the road and the guy was pointing at the tree where the cat was at. They then left to carry on with their sick activities.

“I decided to tail them. At Blk 59 Sims Drive, the woman led the dogs to the back of the block to search for cats, so I decided to call SPCA. SPCA advised me to call the Police.

“This was when I decided to stop the man on the bicycle from leaving, but he left quickly and said this, ‘You want to call the police, you call lah!’. If he was not in the wrong, why did he run off leaving the woman behind?

“The woman saw me and walked towards another direction, and then she received a call. The call was probably from that man.

“After the call, she got into a cab and left, leaving the two dogs behind.

“A regular feeder who was at the scene, mentioned this to me. She said that they have been doing this for a period time and when she asked them to stop, they ignored her pleas to leash their dogs.

“I decided to tail one of the dogs as I knew that the dogs would know their way home. True enough, it led me to Blk 44 Sims Drive and the dog rested directly outside one of the units.

“The next morning, I decided to make a confirmation search and spot on - the windows were opened and I saw one of the black dogs in the living room.

“I have made a police report but till now, the police have not called me to ask for further information.

“More cats will be killed if the police do not step in soon. Animals are like humans, they have a life too. In USA, animals are protected by tough laws. The couple should be punished for their sick acts.

“I hope STOMP posts the article up to encourage more to speak up if they see any animal abuse.”

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