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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some updates of Us!

We have been really busy recently(our humans are extremely busy)

First, we're moving! details will be shared later...
And to share a recent photos of us!

Anyway, as our humans are getting busier, we won't get to have home cooked meals often now...

And our dry kibbles food brand have been changed to

WishBone Dry Kibbles (Adult Meat Lover)

*Australian Free-range Beef and Lamb for Extra Protein and Flavor
*Unique Omega-Plus Complex promotes Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat
*Prebiotics for a Healthy Digestive and Immune System

Enjoy the juiciness of tender beef but can’t get enough of succulent lamb?
Meatlovers is pure heaven for your dog as we combine two meats into one unforgettable meal! Why stick to one flavour when you can enjoy both? We've given this MeatLovers feast a healthy boost with Wishbone’s Omega-Plus Complex which promotes a gleaming, healthy coat.

Double the meat, double the goodness!
Dogs Love the Meaty Goodness of Meatlovers
Your dog will enjoy the benefits of Australian cattle raised on a natural diet of fresh pasture in clean, open spaces. We use only the finest, free-range Australian meats that are certified free from BSE and other diseases. Free-range Beef and Lamb are high-quality sources of protein and can play a useful role in providing essential amino acids for your dog’s health and vitality.
Prebiotics for a Healthy Immune and digestive systemBeneficial Prebiotics stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach and have long been useful in optimising digestive processes and allowing maximum nutritional benefit from food.
Prebiotics support the long-term health of the intestinal tract and immune system.Omega-Plus Complex for Healthy Skin and CoatWishbone’s Omega-Plus Complex contains a unique combination of healthy oils highly regarded for their nutritional and health-giving properties. Omega-Plus Complex aids in promoting healthy skin and coat, as well as strengthening and balancing the immune system.

Ingredients:Beef and Lamb meal, Wholegrain Cereal, Wholemeal Flour, Rolled Oats, Beef & Lamb Tallow, Omega Oils (canola and sunflower oils), Natural Chicken Flavor, Salt, Bentonite, Complete Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamins A, D3, E, B2, K3, Folic acid, Copper, Zinc (as oxide), Zinc Chelate, Selenium, Iodine, Taurine), Fructo-Oligosaccharides (Prebiotics), Vitamin E with Rosemary

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (min) 21%
Crude Fat (min) 10%
Crude Fiber (max) 3.5%
Moisture (max) 10%

For us, it smells appetizing! As Jie jies has been plenty of research of this food brand and decided to give it a try. Even our fussy eater, dawn loves it too!

And tonight, other than having our dry kibbles, we will have WishBone tray Food (Italian Lamb & Pasta)!

Other than changed of food brands, we also have changed our supplement to sun chlorella..
but our garlic supplement will still be going on..

[SUPPLEMENTS] Many pets have problems such as anorexia, obesity, internal, skin and fur problems. However, they are unable to tell us when they don’t feel good or have health problems. A pet cannot choose or prepare its own meals. Thus, it is up to the owner to provide him with all of the necessary nutrients to keep him healthy, happy, and full of vibrant energy.

The top selling brand of Chlorella in Japan and the USA, Pet Sun Chlorella is the best natural food supplement to ensure that pet is at its optimum health and vitality. It is specially formulated for animals, and patented in Japan, United States, UK, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechentenstein.

The single celled freshwater algae called chlorella is a complete whole food containing more than twenty essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protein and beta-carotene. It has more DNA, RNA and chlorophyll per unit than any other green product. Pet Sun Chlorella is also blended with eleuthero for energy and stamina, and lecithin for healthier skin and a shinier coat. It is ideal for safeguarding pets against harmful elements, boost their energy level and metabolism, cleanse the impurities from their bodies, strengthen their muscles, regulate their bowel health and aid in physical and mental balance. Pet Sun Chlorella has been used with great results by top breeders, veterinarians and pet owners for many years.

Pet Sun Chlorella is available in tablet form: 1,200 tablets packed in a plastic container for easy handling and storage, and a box of 200 tablets in 5 handy sachets. Blended into small tablets, it is easier and more convenient to feed dogs, cats and smaller size animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fishes and birds. (Note: Pet Sun Chlorella does not contain sugar, artificial flavourings, colour or preservatives. Only human grade materials are used.)

Help to safeguard your pet against harmful elements, boost their energy level and metabolism, cleanse the impurities from their body, strengthen their muscles, beautify their coat and skin and regulate their bowel health.

Pet Sun Chlorella… Gives your pet a natural body tune-up!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

$1000 reward for information on dead kittens found at Marsiling

So sad
Sure or not?

SPCA is giving out a $1000 reward for information on the deaths of two kittens. The kittens were found dead at the void deck of Block 212 Marsiling Crescent. Both kittens suffered serious injuries to their heads.

The kittens were found by a member of the public on Saturday, Oct 8. One of the kittens had its skull smashed, and the other suffered traumatic impact to the head and neck region.

The SPCA is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person/s responsible.

If you can help, please call SPCA at 6287 5355 ext 9.


Serial puppy killer loose in Bukit Batok? 2 pups found dead in 3 days

So sad
Sure or not?

Two dead puppies have been found over a three-day period by Bukit Batok residents. STOMPer Karen suspects they were killed by a man who was spotted near a PUB facility carrying a large stick.

The STOMPer explained the situation:

"This dead puppy of about seven weeks of age was found in Bukit Batok. Another was also found dead two nights before this.

"It was apparently strangled and flung across a road in Bukit Batok. The young pup was spotted uphill where the body landed after it was killed.

"The road where it was found turns upwards to a hill with a water supply facility. This area is normally out of bounds to the public. The only visitors to this place would be the PUB workers who check the meters daily.

"They had buried the first puppy before this second one was found.

"On the night of Sep 15, at 11.20pm, residents had spotted a suspicious-looking man. He had a big stick with him, walking around in the wooded area where the puppies were found.

"When he was questioned about his motives, he had explained that he was looking at frogs. Fifteen hours later, residents had found the carcass of one of the puppies.

"The authorities have so far not acted. Should we keep quiet as well? It is very disappointing to know that those who are supposed to speak for the animals are not doing so.

"The dead pup has been sent for an autopsy. Is this going to be another wild goose chase to nab the perpetrators?"


Monday, October 10, 2011

So shiok! Pet dog enjoys good life being pushed around in pram with fans

So sad
Sure or not?

STOMPer Pam came across an unusual sight of a dog being pushed around in a pram, that was even equipped with fans.

The STOMPer wrote:

"This photograph shows a Chow Chow - a breed of dogs that is known to be good guardians - being pushed around in a pram.

"I thought it was cute but extremely weird -- some Singaporeans aren't able to afford a pram for their babies yet you have dogs being pushed around in them.

"This could be a sign of an affluent society."


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Control Dog Barking

Trying to get the dog barking control a small pain when all you want to do is sleep for a decent, let the dog for 5 minutes, or achieve some respected guests round without earplugs made of?

Training a dog is barking does not have to be tough, nobody likes a hard dog barks excellent future, may in particular Article 3 clock in the morning, then go through some tips barking control dog.
1. Be careful, or what?
Let your dog’s attention, he will bark for you. If I had everything I wanted to get id probably barking too. They teach the dog’s barking does not get him anywhere. If he wants something wait until he has stopped barking first.
2. To bark long?
If the dog barks when you leave the house, 8 out of 10 times it is because you make a fuss when you write about them. Dogs do not quite know, adopt the thought, and it is shocking, if you can give them hugs and then play out the door and leave for 8 hours while you’re at work. Dog that is a excellent reason to bark and howl the house down, you come back and play. Try to leave the house without having to leave the noise, the house without attention to himself and the barking should be reduced and stopped.
3. Bored with nothing to do!
Delight in barking dogs, that’s what they want to do. Barking sounds not quite to your taste, but delight in the dogs, and it is quite natural that they, so if your dog has nothing to do with his spare time, then spent time barking than any other. Keep your dog busy with lots of fascinating toys if he seems a lot of bark in the night, something to chew and play, if you are not there to help comfort the dog and keep him barking and waking the neighbors. Nothing else to your dog barking all night until you wake up.
4. Time Visitors’
When visitors come to him is an exciting time for your dog, new faces, new smells and more attention than usual. This often causes dogs barking, they all want attention, they can be in the form of hugs and play time. To resolve this problem, use the command ‘stop’, teach him and praise him when he hears you, and you should have more problems than you excited about the dog.
5. Be consistent with the
Ignorance can be a dog barks a lot of time, lead to keep pace with the times, he always barks the most, and many dog owners, this is at night. Choose where the dog or puppy is sleeping. If one night a dog abandoned to their fate, and on the other hand, it is very cozy and warm in bed, you or your child can not guarantee that he will not come back into the cold to get any attention from anyone again . Keep up bent on your consistency and your dog goes, or you can enter a sleepless night, crying for your dog.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So young but so greedy: Boy, 13, adopted dogs for free and sold them for profit

STOMPer badentrepreneur was shocked to find out that a 13-year-old boy had been adopting dogs for free, only to sell them for his personal profit. This is an example of bad entrepreneurship, says the STOMPer.

In a news report in the Straits Times today (Oct 3), a 13-year-old boy was given a conditional police warning after pet lovers called to attention his tactics of adopting a dog for free, then selling them for profit.

The boy would pose as a grieving dog owner and approach people online, begging them to let him adopt their pedigree dogs. He even went as far as to say that their dogs reminded him of his recently deceased pet dog.

After the adoption went through, he would put the dogs up for sale online. He posted about 20 advertisements in total, selling dogs from various breeds such as Jack Russells to Japanese spitzes for prices ranging from $250 to $400.

He was finally caught after two dog owners made police reports.

The boy claimed that he had done nothing wrong as the pet was 'his property to sell' once he had adopted it.

The STOMPer commented:

"A very, very small part of me congratulates this ambitious boy on his ingenuity. He will be a very good and evil businessman who doesn't give two hoots about preying on people's emotions for personal gain.

"But a much larger part of me wants to wring him by the neck for being that manipulative, cruel and selfish.

"Adoption is a difficult process for both the adoptee and those letting it go. He is belittling that commitment with his greedy actions.

"The worst part is how unremorseful he is! This kid must really be deprived of good parents to be so callous about his treatment of living things.

"If he wants extra money, he should get a part-time job and earn it like everyone else does.

"Money earned from cheating others will never bring you happiness."


Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 8 Most Heroic Dogs in History

8) Guinefort, the Saint of Infants

A select few people have been given the designation of "Saint," but only one dog has also received that distinction. The story goes that a 13th century French knight left his infant son in the care of his greyhound, Guinefort, for the day (you'll notice the knight in this tale is not the patron saint of parenting). Upon returning home, the knight found the home torn apart, blood on the dog's face, and his son nowhere in sight. Thinking his dog had eaten the child, the knight instantly shot him with an arrow, only to find his son moments later, alive and well, next to the mutilated remains of a snake. The knight was so upset by his mistake that he buried Guinefort in a well and erected a shrine on top of it. Local villagers prayed to the brave dog even after a visiting inquisitor had the shrine destroyed and labeled the dog a heretic.

7) Owney, the Maildog

Some dogs fetch the paper, but Owney helped fetch buckets of mail all over the country. When
postal workers in Albany, New York found a stray mutt in their office, they decided to let him sleep on a pile of mailbags. Apparently, the dog was attracted to the scent of the bags, since he followed them right onto a train and rode with them all over the state and eventually the country. By now, the workers at the Albany office had named him "Owney," and became worried that he would be lost during his travels. So they gave him a collar with a tag that read "Owney, Post Office, Albany, New York." Owney became the unofficial mascot of the railway mail service, and postal clerks saw him as a good luck charm, since none of the trains he rode on ever crashed.

Other post offices began to give him tags for each place he visited, until the Postmaster General even gave him a jacket to hold them all. Owney even made an around the world trip through Asia
and Europe before arriving back in Albany. Unfortunately, Owney's life ended after a postal worker in Toledo, Ohio mistreated him and was bitten. Fearing the dog was rabid, a local police officer shot him. Owney's preserved body and medals are now on display at the US Postal Museum in
Washington, DC.

6) Stubby (or "Sergeant Stubby" to you)

It's not often that a dog gets promoted to the rank of sergeant for combat duty. In fact, it's only happened once in history. A young stray was found on the Yale campus by John Robert Conroy,
who named him "Stubby." Conroy was undergoing military training, and when it came time for him to ship out for World War I, he smuggled Stubby along with him. For the next 18 months, Stubby became one of many war dogs living in the trenches of France, but he soon distinguished himself enough to earn the official rank of sergeant. How? By doing things most humans soldiers never even get a chance to do. Stubby's acute sense of smell and hearing allowed him to warn his unit of poison gas attacks and incoming artillery. He managed to locate and rescue wounded soldiers on the battlefield and even single-handedly captured a German spy. Overall, he participated in 17 battles, and was even awarded several patches and medals -- which he wore on a coat for him by the women of a liberated French town. After the war, Conroy smuggled Stubby back home, where he went on to meet several presidents and act as Georgetown's football mascot before passing away in Conroy's arms.

5) Barry, the Superdog dog of Switzerland

If a dog ends up stuffed and mounted in a Swiss natural history museum almost immediately following his death, odds are he's either in an exhibit about different dog breeds, or he's Barry the St. Bernard. Barry worked as a rescue dog in the mountains of Switzerland near a monastary in Great St. Bernard pass, where he also lived. During the 12 years that Barry lived there (1800-1812), he is credited with rescuing at least 40 people who got lost in the Alps during heavy snow. One famous tale says Barry discovered a small child on top of an icy ledge and began licking his face to keep him warm and awake, while barking loudly for the monks to find them (which he was trained to do). When the snow began to fall even harder and the monks couldn't climb the steep cliff the two were on, the young boy wrapped his arms around Barry's neck and the dog carried him all the way down the mountain (which he was not trained to do. Barry was eventually retired in 1812, and lived out the rest of his days under the care of a monk.

4 & 3) Balto and Togo, the sled dogs that helped stop an epidemic

In the world of sled dog heroics, Togo and Balto are kind of like Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison: one arguably accomplished more, but the other got all the credit. Both were sled dogs assigned to lead a team through Alaska carrying serum for the town of Nome. In January of 1925, doctors in the area feared that a diptheria epidemic could hit the whole town, but the only available serum was in Anchorage, almost 1000 miles away. With their only aircraft's engines frozen, officials in Anchorage decided the serum would be relayed by several teams of sled dogs.

Togo's team was chosen to carry the serum through the most treacherous part of the route, and ended up traveling almost twice the distance of any of the other teams. Balto's team took the cargo for the last leg of the journey, and ultimately delivered the serum ahead of schedule. Because he was the one who finished the run, Balto received almost all of the glory for it -- even having some of Togo's achievements attributed to him and a statue erected in New York's Central Park. Both dogs however now have their remains on display in separate museums.

2) Hachiko, man's most loyal friend

You should probably prepare yourself for a sad dog story, because this one's a doozy. In 1924, a
professor Hidesaburo Ueno from the University of Tokyo brought his dog, Hachiko, to live with him. The two developed a routine, where the dog would see the professor off at his home and then meet him at the Shibuya train station later. Then one day, the professor didn't show up at the train station. He'd had a stroke at the university and died. Hachiko was given away to another owner, but he would often escape and turn up at his old home. The dog must have eventually realized that Ueno wasn't coming home, and so he went to look for him at the train station. For ten years, Hachiko would arrive at the train station exactly when the evening train showed up and would wait for his former owner. Other commuters noticed the loyal pooch and began to bring him food and snacks. He even gained national attention when a former student of Ueno's published several articles about him. One artist even built and erected a bronze statue of the dog while he was still alive. Hachiko died in 1935, but his legend continues to live on in Japan. His story was even recently made into a film, with Richard Gere playing Professor Ueno.

1) Chips, the War Dog

There are many other dogs that could be called "The War Dog," but how many of those have a Disney movie by that name chronicling their exploits? Chips sure does, and with good reason. During World War II, the shepherd mix was donated to the war effort and was soon on the front lines acting as a tank guard dog in Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. At one point, he dragged a phone cable across a raging battlefield, so that his platoon could call for backup. The one event Chips is most known for though happened on a beach in Sicily. When he and his handler came under fire from a hidden pillbox, Chips sprang from his handler and dove straight into the enemy emplacement. The soldiers inside came out moments later and surrendered, with Chips behind them.

That would be impressive enough, but later that night he also alerted his squad to some approaching Italians, who were promptly captured as well. Chips received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart for his adventures, but had them stripped away when dogs were reclassified in the military as "equipment," making him the last canine to be officially decorated.