Sign ur paws woof ya?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's finally raining!!!!!!! ^^

After 2 months of the hot and scorching dry seasons with the haze in the air, it's finally raining!

 Amber's ready for her short walkie in the rain!!

 Amber's back from her walk!
Amber says:" It's so good to sleep in such weather.... ZzZzZzZzZzZ"

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Amber's tribute

Amber was adopted by Sharon (current owner) on 27 July 2007..

She was a abused, neglected and abandoned dog by her 1st Germany owner who imported her from Australia as a puppy...
She was finally abandoned and saved from the street by her rescuer who saw her loitering (infront of the house Amber used to stay) for a few days be it rain or shine...
On the day Amber and Sharon (current owner) 1st met, Amber was promised that (current owner) Sharon's home will be her home forever till the day heaven call on her...
Despite her constant biting towards any human (including Sharon) and dogs, she and Sharon went thru a year of hardship together and finally she was now a sweet angel that loves hugs, plays and spending time with her fellow friends(including her sister,(Dawn the Maltese) and brother (Snowy - the Jap Spitz)

OS from Sharon: I still loves amber now even though she's old..(PS: still super hyper like she used to be upon arrival)
I appreciate her time for me and thankful that she's always around me whenever I am happy or sad...

My sharing of Amber's story hopes to encourage adoptions..
Be it the dog may be old, filthy and stinks, aggressive and down with sickness...
Every dog deserves a 2nd chance....