Sign ur paws woof ya?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Heads together...

(Amber, Dawn and Snowy)
Jie jies(Betty & Sharon) place ADS Heads together and shot photo of them together in that position.. they were patient and obedient to wait and post properly for a pretty long time..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mummy's Birthday!

Today is mummy's birthday, so ADS would like to wish mummy pink in health and happy birthday!

OS from Jie jies and Gor Gor: May mum's wishes came true...

It was a surprise birthday celebration planned by Jie jies(Sharon & Betty) and gor gor(Vernon). They bought a birthday cake(A healthy choice they made.. fruit vanilla sponge cake) and bought (Xue Ge)雪蛤 aka Snowy Jelly, a expensive tonic for mummy as birthday present.

Jie jie(Sharon) also had prepared treats/snacks(Cheese Sticks and biscuits) as our celebration specialty after dinner.
here goes...

let the pix do the talking...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Lion' spotted at Sin Ming!

Somewhere in Sin Ming Avenue, there is a workshop worker with incredible grooming skills, says a STOMPer, who stumbled upon these pictures of a dog which looks like a mini-version of a lion.

The dog's fur has been cut and shaved so that it looks more like a lion than a canine.

According to the blog, the dog owes its fierce hair-do to its talented owner, a worker at a car workshop in Sin Ming Avenue.

Amused, the STOMPer says:

“I came across this blog about a technician at Sin Ming Industrial estate who had shaved his dog to look like a lion.

“I must say, excellent skills and it really does look like a lion, just a tad bit small.

“Wow, you can modify cars and now you can modify dogs!

“This proves that we have all kinds of talents in Singapore.”

Credits by:

OS From ADS: wow, the owner is really talented! creative haircut!

How many hours do dogs sleep a day???

How much do dogs sleep? Under controlled laboratory conditions, dogs sleep about 13 hours per day but they wake up more frequently than people do.

How much and when dog sleep varies enormously depending on the social and physical environment. A dog living as an only pet in an apartment may sleep much more than one working as a herding dog on a farm.

Dogs will often adjust their activity and sleep cycles so that they can be active when people and other animals are active.

Yawning and sleep are also conflict behaviors that can occur in stressful situations. Animals yawn when they are nervous or prevented from doing something they want to do. By falling asleep, animals can cope with stress by avoiding it.

It also depends on the breed and age.
As dogs get older they sleep more than younger dogs. With middle age dogs sleep around 14 hours a day.

Chester The Amazing Peeing Dog...

ADS: wow.... ('0')

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dawn's short walk today...

Dawn was lucky to get a short walk today to accompany Da jie(Sharon) and mummy to buy dinner...
Dawn's rarely gets her walk outside as her fur would get dirty easily....

Today Dawn was happy, excited and hyper!

Amber was a bit confused as to why she was not bought along together with Da Jie(Sharon whom is Amber's jie jie) to buy dinner but Dawn instead....

Dawn on the walking...

It was a 10 to 15 mins walk before we finally rearched the coffeeshop where mummy went to order and pack-home the dinner while Dawn was told to stay with Da Jie(Sharon) to wait at the field by the side of the coffeeshop for mummy...

Meanwhile.. these are what Amber did when her jie jie(Sharon) was not at home...


and waiting....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Famous Dog Artises/Celebrity Dog Star

Moose - The Jack Russell Terrier

Moose (December 24, 1990 – June 22, 2006) was a veteran canine actor. He was a Jack Russell Terrier and is most famous for his portrayal of Eddie Crane on the television sitcom Frasier.


Pal in his first screen appearance as Lassie in MGM's Lassie Come Home (1943), with Roddy McDowall as Joe Carraclough.
Pal (1940 – 1958) was a male Rough Collie and the first in a line of such dogs to portray the fictional female collie Lassie in film and television.

Tommy Rettig appeared with Lassie Junior (son of Pal, the first film Lassie) in the first three seasons of the American television series (1954–1958), now syndicated as Jeff's Collie

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amber is so irritated by Snowy...

Amber is very angry and irritated by Snowy today.. she tried to snap Snowy a few times and eventually got tired of it and hide behind the door...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Dinner Tonight...

Our Dinner for tonight is another special mix and prepared by Jie Jies(Betty & Sharon) and mummy(ADS's human mummy)

In the big bowl, White Rice, Chopped Cauliflower, Our Main Dry Kibbles(Go Natural-Salmon Diet), Nutra Gold Holistic(Salmon and Potato) and Wellness(Protein-Focus Formula aka Reduce Fat) was added and well mixed.

Then divided into our individual bowl (From Left: Amber's Bowl, Dawn's Bowl, Snowy's Bowl)

Our happy faces enjoying the dinner..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrity Dog Owner

Singapore's Celebrity With Their Dog

JJ Lin and His Male Golden Retrivier, Moo Moo

Stefanie Sun and Her Female Shih Tzu, Norman

Korean Celebrity With Their Dog

Uhm Jung Hwa and Her Poodle

Yoon Eun Hye and Her White Little Maltese

Nam Gyu Ri and Her Boxer

Gu Hye Sun and Her 2 Lovely Dog

Kim So Eun and Her Dog, Sang Gu

Taiwan Celebrity With Their Dog

Elva Hsiao and Her dog

Cyndi Wang and Her Dog

Jolin Tsai and her Bichon Frise, Woo Hoo

Rainie Yang and her Miniature Schnauzer

Selina Ren With her Miniature Apricot Poodle, Pinky.

Hebe Tian with Her Dog

Ella Chen With Her Dog

Hong Kong Celebrity With Their Dog

Charmaine Sheh and her Chow Chow

Shirley Yeung and Her Pug

Bernice Liu and Her 11-month old Poodle

Western Celebrity With Their Dog

Paris Hilton(One the Right) with her Dog, TwinkleBell

Britney Spears With her Tea Cup Chi Hua Hua

Jessica Simpson and Her Dog, Daisy

Nicole Richie poses with her Shih tzu, Honeychild.