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Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Lion' spotted at Sin Ming!

Somewhere in Sin Ming Avenue, there is a workshop worker with incredible grooming skills, says a STOMPer, who stumbled upon these pictures of a dog which looks like a mini-version of a lion.

The dog's fur has been cut and shaved so that it looks more like a lion than a canine.

According to the blog, the dog owes its fierce hair-do to its talented owner, a worker at a car workshop in Sin Ming Avenue.

Amused, the STOMPer says:

“I came across this blog about a technician at Sin Ming Industrial estate who had shaved his dog to look like a lion.

“I must say, excellent skills and it really does look like a lion, just a tad bit small.

“Wow, you can modify cars and now you can modify dogs!

“This proves that we have all kinds of talents in Singapore.”

Credits by:

OS From ADS: wow, the owner is really talented! creative haircut!

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