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Sunday, March 29, 2009

ADS pictures taken with Heart shape ballon~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yummy corns for our dinner tonight!

Tonight,we're having yummy corns and our favourite white rice added to our dinner!

It was added into our bowl and mixed well with our dry kibbles(Nutro: Lamb & Rice)

Our happy faces while having our dinner!

Monday, March 23, 2009

What's for tonight's dinner???

Tonight dinner was yummy!
the jie jies,gor gor and mummy prepare broccoli for us!
one of our favorites!

It was boiled in boiling water, then cut into smaller pieces to make it easier to eat and swallow..
Then it was mixed into our individual bowls with dry kibbles(Nutro:Lamb & Rice)

(From left: Amber's dinner, Snowy's dinner, Dawn's dinner)

ADS happily having their yummy dinner!

Dog Burned Alive by its owner for punishment!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I was horrified and shocked to see the article in the Daily Voice
yesterday about Tammy, a dog that had been burnt so badly by her owners.

The owners wanted to punish her for jumping over the wall into the
neighbours place. They fetched her and put her in her kennel and set it

I am not sure how many of you have seen the pictures. As an animal lover
it brought tears to my eyes because she was burnt so badly. The SPCA had
to put her down.

The SPCA have removed the other 2 dogs from these people and are pressing
criminal charges against them. I am therefore appealing to all animal
lovers to please add your name to the petition so that the owners are
given the maximum punishment befitting to them.

I have spoken with the Daily Voice, and we have an agreement that they
will forward the signatures to the SPCA to use in the prosecution of these
people. PLEASE, if you agree, please sign the petition and forward to as
many contacts as possible.

Every 500 signatures, please return to me:

This will then be forwarded to the Daily Voice who in turn will forward it
to the SPCA.

Thank you and regards,

OS from Sharon,Amber's owner: today i received such e-mail. it's a really cruel act towards animals. I have signed the petition and forward it to many others. For those who also want to signed the petition, do tag on the tag-box and leave your e-mail adds. I'll forward it to you asap.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

White Dog Bobby on Channel U

OS:wow, what a creative mind the dog's owner have!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inspiring scene in life...

Hero dog saves fellow canine in road accident
Ever seen a hero dog in action? A dog is not only man's best friend but is its fellow dogs' best friend as well, as Stomper Brad Tan found out in this video clip sent to him via email.

In the video of an incident which occurred in a Latin American country, a dog trying to cross a highway is hit by a vehicle.

It lies injured on the road as cars zoom past it. Incredibly, no car hit the dog.

Moments later, the hero dog arrives at the scene.

It runs to the road, with cars zooming past it, to the aid of its fellow dog.

It uses its front paws to drag the injured dog to the side of the road.

Some workers spot the inspiring scene and come to the rescue of the dog.

That dog is truly a hero, says Brad.

OS:Truely inspiring! this is the spirit we should learn! Dog is indeed the man's BEST FRIEND!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Snowy Playing his favourite Toy - Pooh Bear

Morning Walk to visit mummy at her work place....

Today jie jies(Betty and Sharon) bring us to mummy's work place...

on the way, walking from our area to mum's walk place took about 1 1/2 hour...

Along the way,took some pix on the path we went by...

Then more walking~

Then we went by a swing... Jie jies(Betty and Sharon) decided to try on the swing with Amber and Dawn..
OS from Amber and Dawn: OMG! Jie jie so old liao still wanna play swing... but it's was kinda fun on the swing!

Then a few mins on the swing, our walks continued...
in a few mins time, finally rearched mum's working place!!

And after staying there for a few hours, we're on our way home! we get to sit on mummy's bike!!!

A few mins later,it started to rain...
mum come up with a good idea to protect us from the rain~