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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A invitation to Jie jie's friend,Meiling's Birthday Celebration 2009

On 7 March 09, Jie jies(Sharon and Betty) bring us to attend for their friend,Mei ling's birthday celebration at her house..
Jie jie had a wonderful buffect style dinner there, they enjoyed their yummy food but of coz,didn't forget ours too! they bring along our dinner.. haha... got a great fun there too!

The following photos are taken at Meiling's place during her B'dae celebration...

And the following photos are taken after the celebration at some other nearby locations...

All of us together~

Jie jie(Betty) and Me(Dawn)

Jie jie(Sharon) and Me(Amber)

Us(Left:Amber, Right: Dawn) sitting on a bench with in clothes we wore on that day~

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