Internationally recognised certification programme for dog groomersA dog groomer at work

SINGAPORE : The Dog Groomers Association of Singapore (DGA) is launching an internationally recognised certification programme for dog groomers.

It will assess a groomer’s competence in three key areas — safety handling of dog and equipment, neatness of the dog’s trimming, and skills & techniques.

This is to ensure that professionals are equipped to handle the various aspects of dog grooming, ethics and basic first—aid skills.

The association said there are currently no industry standards as to how groomers should be certified.

Hence by certifying them, it will raise their level of competency and enhance the credibility of the profession.

Alex Ang, president of DGA said: "With the DGA International Groomers Certification, we will see more dog groomers take responsibility and ownership of the pets in their hands. Hence, it is of paramount importance to have competent professionalism of the industry.