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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First dog blood bank in Singapore

You've heard of a blood donor database for humans.

Now there's one for dogs in Singapore.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre and Zeus Communications.

The canine blood donor database is maintained by Zeus, which is also organising the first canine blood donation drive.

Zeus Communications' Lynda Goh, said the blood bank is targeted to be accessible by late next month.

She said currently appeals for canine blood are circulated by email or posted on social networking platforms and it may take days to locate a suitable donor.

Ms Goh believes a database of potential canine blood donors can help critically ill dogs to be treated sooner.

The potential dog blood donor will have to satisfy a few conditions such as weighing at least 25 kilogrammes and be between one and seven years of age.

Like humans, dogs may need blood for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from traumatic injuries from accidents to surgical blood loss.


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