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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Worlds Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

A lot of people have misconceptions when it comes to which dog breeds are most aggressive and which ones aren’t. Aggressive dog breeds generally exhibit behavior that’s meant to scare or intimidate other animals or people. You can tell if a particular breed has aggression issues by the way it acts. You should especially pay attention when you are selecting a puppy. Is it the bully of the group, or quite shy and timid? Either case can lead to uncontrolled aggression, whether out of dominance or out of fear. Uncontrolled, regular growling, snarling, biting and lunging are dead giveaways that something’s up with the dog.

Don’t just look at a dog’s breed when selecting one. Even the gentlest of breeds can be violent ones, especially if they aren’t given enough socialization and training. Did you know that the breeds that are more likely to bite are the ones people rarely think about – like the cuddly toy poodle or the Jack Russell Terrier?

  • Chow Chows are one-man dogs that be given to bite with no warning. They’re also a bit ferocious around unknowns, and can be quite tenacious fighter. So be sure to discipline this dog and set right from wrong, immediately.

1 Chow Chow wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • The Papillon is fiercely loyal of their owners – to a fault. They can be quite possessive and standoffish to strangers.

2 papillon wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Old English Sheepdogs are very protective of their owners so they might be aggressive if anybody tends to be too close to its owners.

English sheepdogs The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • A Llasa Apso often gets cranky around kids.

Lhasa Apso wallpapers The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Rottweilers are extremely protective of their masters.

Rottweiler wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Chihuahuas aren’t too fond of kids. They’d rather be with adults than play around with tots.

chihuahua wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Toy Poodles bite people and other animals out of self defense. Unfortunately, ‘playing’ according to you may be perceived as a form of ‘attack’ to them.

Toy Poodle wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Dachshunds aren’t known for their patience.

Dachshunds wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Jack Russell Terriers are feisty creatures who require early training to prevent long-term biting and digging problems.

Jack Russell Terrier The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Giant Schnauzers are very dominant. They often challenge adults, particularly strangers.

giant schnauzer The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Cocker Spaniels often suffer from a dangerous genetic disease known as “rage syndrome.” This syndrome causes spontaneous violent action against not strangers, but actual family members. Many Spaniels have been put down because of this unwanted behavior. Check with the breeder to ensure your Spaniel is free from this dangerous dog disease.

cockerspaniel1 The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • The Pekingese isn’t all that tolerant of strangers.

Pekingese wallpaper The Worlds  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Here’s a rundown of breeds that are typically gentle but can’t shake off their “bad dog” image.

* Boxers are pretty good with kids. They are good watchdogs, but will only become aggressive
* Bulldogs are very playful and gentle.
* Great Danes, while considerable in size, happen to be kind and affectionate.
* Mastiffs are especially quiet and docile.
* German Shepherds are great with kids too. These are courageous, fiercely loyal dogs who, if trained properly, will be extremely gentle to family and guests.
* Rottweilers are also capable of tenderness and affection. They have a bad rep, but if they trust you, you’ll never have to worry.


Amber: oh... I'm on the list... hmmm....

Dawn & Snowy: and that's quite true!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh my....cold weather again!

The windy and cold weather after a very big and heavy rain in the morning....

It's just so cold that all of us just wanna laze around and sleep...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jie jies's 1st two days working at petopia....

On 19 & 20 June 2010 was our jie jies(Sharon & Betty) 1st 2 day working at Petopia...

According to what jie jies mentioned, the place was really comfortable and kept really clean..
Can say to be a dog's paradise for luxury lifestyle~
PS from ADS: Wonder when will we will get our chance to go there as well...?? We hope to either go for the micro-bubble spa or ozone spa...

Below are all the photos that jie jie(Betty) had taken after the shop closed for the day...
(PS: sorry if some photos were dark and blur..)

Petopia's Mascot photos and one of petopia's boarding guest, Latte with one of our pet stylist, Brana
(PS: Ain't latte cute??)

PS From ADS: wow! hope we can visit petopia someday soon...
oh yes, paw pals who drop by Petopia, do remember to say "Hi" to our jie jies!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

First of all, We would like to wish all pawrents Happy Father's Day..
We had our advanced Father's Day Celebration at home 2 days ago..

On the day, jie jie(Betty) was suppose to collect the cake with the order form but....
Amber chewed on it!

Thankfully the cake shop auntie recognize jie jie (Betty) hence able to collect the cake...
Jie jie (Sharon) was quite guilty for Amber's "Master piece"...

On the day, we (ADS) had steamed salmon (Long long time never had salmon le...) and long beans with rice! yummy!

Our humans had...

Finally, the finale..
Our father's day CAKE!
(Of course, we had some snacks...)

Happy Daddy's Day! Daddy, we love you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SPCA needs new home

Jun 15, 2010
SPCA needs new home
Current lease ends in 2012; rent, operations costs among challenges
By Grace Chua

A dog at the SPCA's current premises in Mount Vernon Road. The charity needs the stability of a long lease, and a site large enough to take in about 200 animals. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM

THE clock is ticking for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to find a new home.

The charity has to relocate before its current lease in Mount Vernon Road, where it has been based since 1984, expires in October 2012.

And while the SPCA has been sourcing alternative locations for its office, clinic and shelter for about 200 abandoned dogs, cats, rabbits and even guinea pigs, it is concerned that time is running out.


PS from ADS: haiz... All the poor dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and other small animals have already no home, but now, they're at risk of losing their "temporally home" too! felt sad and sympathy for them!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pet dogs unable to think for themselves after centuries of adult pampering

Last updated at 1:00 PM on 10th June 2010

Dogs have become so reliant on humans that they have lost the ability to think properly for themselves, according to a new study.

Researchers believe that years of domestication has led to dogs losing the problem solving skills they once had in the wild.

Pet dogs failed basic intelligence tests that wolves and wild dogs pass with ease, according to the research.

The findings suggest they are now so dependent on people they are simply stupid versions of their forefathers.

Pet dogs have lost the ability to think for themselves while wild dogs like dingoes are are far more adept at solving tasks, the study shows

The loss in skills appears to be genetically 'hardwired' into dogs, explaining why homeless dogs struggle to survive.

Psychologist Bradley Smith, who led the study, said: 'Wolves will outperform dogs on any problem-solving tasks that are non-social.

'Often feral dogs survive by taking advantage of human leftovers - perhaps scrounged or from rubbish - or domestic livestock.

'It would take a lot of generations of successful dogs to start fostering any such cognitive abilities required for survival in the wild.'

Smith, of the School of Psychology at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, and colleague Carla Litchfield put domesticated dogs and dingoes through a problem-solving test.

Dingoes are domesticated dogs that through many generations have adapted to life in the Australian outback.

As a result, dingoes have evolved more 'wild' features and instincts that distinguish them from other dogs.

Researchers placed a bowl of food behind a fence. To get to the food the animals had to work their way along the fence away from the food to go through a swinging door and then double back on themselves.

All of the dingoes found the food reward in about 20 seconds, taking proper advantage of the doors.

Domesticated dogs, on the other hand, looked puzzled and confused. They pawed at the fence, dug at it, and even barked, out of frustration and to call for help.

Research also showed that wolves, like dingoes, easily complete the task.

Mr Smith added: 'Dogs are great at social tasks such as communicating with humans, using humans as tools, learning from humans via observation.

'However wolves are much, much better at general problem solving.'

He said tests also suggest wolves are better than domesticated dogs at working independently and at using tools, such as ropes.

Rob Appleby, a researcher at Griffith University in Brisbane, described the evidence as 'compelling'.

He added: 'This study suggests there may be cognitive differences between wild and domestic canines, potentially relating to their differing evolutionary histories.'

The test runs were all conducted at the Dingo Discovery Centre in Victoria, Australia.

The study will be published in the journal Animal Behaviour.


PS from ADS: are we??? we're not! because we get all the pampering, we're using our humans for food and luxury life! Save our energy to think! Wahahaha!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Us at home in the day...

Other than playing toys or eating, Amber liked to curl up and nap through the day...

Dawn has been in this position for like more than 30mins.... she may looked like she's sleeping but actually is wide AWAKE!

Snowy loves to sit near the big fan...beware that tail of his gets suck into the fan...dangerous~~