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Monday, August 31, 2009

NEA's review finds water at Pasir Ris beach not safe for swimming

Water quality review of beaches finds Pasir Ris beach not safe for swimming

SINGAPORE: The National Environment Agency (NEA) has completed its annual water quality review of Singapore's six recreational beaches.

The water quality at all the beaches attained a "good" rating except Pasir Ris beach, which is still deemed unsafe for swimming, the same as last year.

The water at Pasir Ris beach may look clean but it is actually teeming with a bacteria found in human faeces.

Significant amounts of the enterococcus bacteria were present in eight per cent of 1,364 water samples collected in the water quality review. They had enterococcus counts of more than 200 per 100 ml.

Based on the World Health Organisation's water guidelines for recreational use, only beaches with not more than 5 per cent of the collected water samples having enterococcus counts of greater than 200 per 100 ml and graded "good" or "very good" are suitable for activities such as swimming, water-skiing and wakeboarding.

Although there has been no deterioration in the water quality at Pasir Ris beach, it is still graded as "fair" since the 8 per cent exceeded WHO's guidelines of not more than 5 per cent of collected water samples having enterococcus counts greater than 200 per 100 ml.

So NEA is continuing to advise the public not to swim, wakeboard or waterski in the water at Pasir Ris beach. However, people still go into the water, despite nine advisory signages put up at the beach.

Said one teen: "I think the sign is not obvious. I feel that its location is wrong. They should have a bigger sign so the public can be alerted to it."

And water sport activities will still continue as per normal on weekends.

Serene Giam, assistant manger, Training & Operation, People's Association Water-Venture, said: "We'll remind participants during their breaks or even after their activities to rinse themselves with clean water over here at the outlet."

NEA said the water quality is affected by several factors, including minor leaks from older sewers and discharges from small-scale sewage treatment plants and low water currents in parts of Pasir Ris beach are not effective in diluting and dispersing discharges.

By 2012, these plants will be phased out under an ongoing plan by PUB and the sewer network will be extended. PUB aims to mend 23 kilometres of aging sewers in the area by 2011. - CNA/vm/al

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking for the perfect partner...

If you want someone who will do anything to please you, get a dog.

If you want someone who will bring you the newspaper without tearing through it first for the sports page, get a dog.

If you want someone who'll make a total fool of himself because he's so glad to see you, get a dog.

If you want someone who eats whatever you put in front of him and never says his mother made it better, get a dog.

If you want someone who's always eager to go out any time you ask and anywhere you want to go, get a dog.

If you want someone who can scare away burglars without waving a lethal weapon around, endangering you and all the neighbors, get a dog.

If you want someone who never touches the remote, couldn't care less about Monday Night Football, and watches dramas with you as long as you want, get a dog.

If you want someone who'll be content just to snuggle up and keep you warm in bed, and who you can kick out of bed if he slobbers and snores, get a dog.

If you want someone who never criticizes anything you do, doesn't care how good or bad you look, acts as though every word you say is worth hearing, never complains, and loves you unconditionally all the time, get a dog!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dawn's Birthday 2009

Today is Dawn's 3rd Birthday and her 1st birthday with us!!!

Jie jies(Sharon & Betty) together with mummy prepared a very healthy home cooked gravy that is to be mixed into our kibbles for tonight Birthday Dinner!!!

World Creative Colouring Dog Fashion Show 2009

OS From ADS: wow!!! 0.0

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The dancing Parrot: Snowball's Tribute to Michael Jackson

Jie jie stumble across this video on a dancing Parrot dancing to MJ's music!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Kiwi, now Mimi: When will cruel trap-setters be caught?

Yet another dog, Mimi, has been cruelly injured in an illegally laid trap. This is the second case STOMPer Wendy has highlighted, the first being Kiwi, who lost her hind leg.

Wendy says:

“Now we have Mimi. Police report has been made and case brought to AVA's attention since Kiwi's incident. But nothing has been achieved.

“Traps are still out there, meaning, people who committed these crimes are being let off scot-free despite the seriousness of the case.

“Dogs are not the only victims to these deadly traps, humans and other animals can get injured too.

“What circumstances would make the authorities take action?”

STOMP spoke to Ricky Yeo, President of Action for Singapore Dogs. Ricky says:

“We found Mimi on Aug 10.

“She had been missing for two weeks, not showing up at the regular feeding spot near the forest at Lim Chu Kang, where our volunteers frequent.

“When she finally showed up again, she was skinny, starved, and her front leg was mangled from being caught in an illegal trap.

“She was traumatised and in so much pain, and it must have taken her an incredible amount of courage and instinct for survival to return to us.

“As in the same case with Kiwi, we had to clean up the wound and amputate.

“It’s harder for Mimi to adapt as it is her front leg which is injured, which dogs use for balancing. She is having quite a bit of trouble adjusting to this."

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OS: When will people stop abusing these dogs..??!! Why can't they just learn to respect lives...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Max, the world's oldest dog

By Jon Kaila 11/08/2009
Max the terrier-cross is believed to be the world's oldest dog after reaching the grand age of 26 - equivalent to 182 in human years.

And he's looking pretty good for his years, with just a few grey hairs and a bit of mild arthritis. Max has vet papers to prove he was born in 1983 and owners Janelle and Billy Derouen are now awaiting recognition from Guinness World Records.

Janelle, 49, puts Max's longevity down to a lack of pampering. She said: "I never spoiled Max. He gets a few treats like beefy doggy bones.

"But we don't give him any food from our table."

Janelle and Billy, from New Iberia, near New Orleans, bought Max as a pup from a local sugar cane farmer.

Until recently it was believed Chanel, a daschundcross from New York was the oldest living dog.

But it was then discovered Chanel, who is riddled with health problems, is five years younger that Max.

Janelle, who gave Max a birthday party on Sunday, says his secret is taking life easy. She added: "He's very laid back. He likes to relax and keep life simple."

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OS: wow, he sure has a pretty long life spend.. how did the owner took so good care of Max..?? cool..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 10 Least Intelligent Dogs

10. Basset Hound
At the top of the list is the Basset Hound. You can find this breed sporting droopy eyes and long ears that drag on the floor when it walks. These dogs have a very keen sense of smell and can pick up odors most dogs can’t. Though this breed of dog lacks intelligence, they are very gentle dogs and are devoted to their owners. Basset Hounds aren’t the brightest dog in the bunch, but they have great tempers and are great around people. Even though you might be stuck repeating “sit, speak” or other commands to a Basset Hound, this breed of dog is perfect for an owner who is looking for a dog that is well behaved.

9. Beagle
Another breed of dog that has been proven very challenging to train is the Beagle. Though these dogs are very cute and cuddly, they can easily drive you up the wall, especially when you are trying to train them to do certain things. Beagles can’t be necessarily considered stupid dogs, but they are very independent, which makes training much harder than it is with many other breeds of dog. This breed is always sure to provide its owner love and attention, especially after the long day of learning how to heel. Beagles are generally small to medium sized dogs and are great with children and other breeds of dogs, just not cats.

8. Mastiff
Does bigger breed always mean bigger brain? Not in this case. The Mastiff is one of the biggest dog breeds available, but they have proven to be extremely stubborn. The Mastiff can weigh up to 130lbs. It’s like you have another person living in your home with you! Though they have always been great guard dogs, training a Mastiff to do certain things is most definitely a task at hand. If you plan to train a Mastiff, you want to have previous dog training experience. You also want to be sure that you speak in a kind, soft voice since these big-bodied dogs are a little on the sensitive side. When training a Mastiff, it is important that the sessions are short and sweet.

7. Pekingese
What a name, huh? The Pekingese has proven to be a very difficult dog to train. You might be able to blame it on the fact that these breed of dog has so much hair everywhere. Maybe it’s so hard to train because it can’t see or hear properly because of all of the fur! Though this would be a great excuse for the Pekingese, this breed of dog is simply very independent and dominating. Training a Pekingese can be like training a very stubborn child. In order to successfully train this breed of dog, you have to be firm and you have to be consistent. This is the perfect example of a small dog with a big heart. Though ranging from a small to medium sized dog, the Pekingese has always been a great breed to have as a watch dog. They are extremely loyal to their owners, but stubborn at the same time.

6. Bloodhound
This may come as a surprise. The Bloodhound is #6 on the list. If you’ve heard anything about this breed of dog, you have probably heard about how great of a nose it has. Though not the most intelligent dog, I think it’s safe to say that the keen sense of smell this breed of dog has is enough to reconsider its “low” intelligence. The Bloodhound can track any scent that is needs to. Amazingly, these dogs are able to trace and follow a scent trail that is hundreds of hours old. Could your dog’s nose do that? Probably not! When it comes to training the Bloodhound, you need to be firm and be extremely patient. They are independent and determined dogs, so they kind of follow their nose more than they follow your training commands.

5. Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)
f you have ever had a pet cat, you can relate to owning a Borzoi. This breed of dog is extremely cat-like, especially when it comes to the independent and free-thinking nature of the dog. Though not an extremely popular dog, many people enjoy this breed because of the affection they bring. The Borzoi can be seen as one of those “stuck-up” dogs. As silly as it sounds, these dogs are generally more concerned about themselves than they are their masters. You can probably find a Borzoi cleaning itself. If you are willing to spend hours upon hours training this type of dog, good luck! Again, this dog, despite its hardships when it comes to learning training commands, is a very loyal dog that is extremely affectionate.

4. Chow Chow
No we’re not talking about food. This is another breed of dog that has a personality that is very similar to a cat. Chow Chows are generally small indoor dogs with a yappy bark. The Chow Chow demands attention, especially when there is a new visitor at the home. They are a very jealous breed of dog and like to be at the center of everything. Any owner who has a Chow Chow must be firm and strong-willed. This breed of dog, though small, is very dominant and can easily take charge of its owner if the owner isn’t firm enough. Again, this dog isn’t stupid, it has proven to be very hard to train because of the nature and personality of the dog. Remember, stubborn doesn’t mean stupid. In any case, the Chow Chow is a great dog to have around the house to snuggle with.

3. Bulldogs
Despite the name, Bulldogs are one of the most gentle and affectionate breed of dog that you will ever come into contact with. The Bulldog is a very courageous dog that sometimes seems to have a mind of its own. Don’t let the name fool you. Yes a Bulldog can guard, control, and bait a bull, but it takes time and patience in order to train a Bulldog to do so. These dogs are very dependable, but it’s getting past the training part that becomes a hassle. Bulldogs are extremely great dogs when it comes to guarding the home. If you’ve ever seen a Bulldog, you’ve probably noticed that its face isn’t the prettiest one around. Who would want to mess with a dog with such a mean face? Bulldogs are very affectionate and time consuming, especially with training.

2. Basenji
Another not-so-popular dog, but let’s bring it to the spotlight. The Basenji is known for its bark. It is so unique in the fact that it sometimes can sound like a human being either laughing or crying. If you’ve ever been around a Basenji, you’ve probably looked around for a baby or a chuckling human. This breed of dog is just another breed that has cat-like characteristics. These dogs can spend hours grooming themselves, much like cats. After grooming, you can probably find a Basenji looking out the window, watching everything outside. These dogs have proven to be very temperamental as well as independent. This is what makes the Basenji a hard breed of dog to train.

1. Afghan Hound
The Afghan Hound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs known today. They were around during ancient times and their personalities haven’t changed much. They are affectionate and love being around their owners. They are also extremely sensitive and don’t have a high dominance level. Though these dogs aren’t looking to rule above you, they have an extremely low obedience level. You may need to call for your Afghan Hound a few times before it comes back inside of the house. Many say that the personality of the breed makes up for its lack of intelligence. The Afghan Hound has also been said to be cat-like and prefers to be on its own instead of listening to an owner.

OS from jie jies, gor gor: Though these are scientific facts but we believe NO dogs is STUPID only LAZY OWNERS!

OS from ADS(Amber, Dawn, Snowy): Yup yup! but very tiring to always train train train...

OS From jie jies, gor gor: Don't be lazy, training make your more guai, more smart and occupied! we always reward your for doing tricks... didn't we..?? be good..

OS from ADS: okay... give more treats we'll do even better!!! =P

Sunday, August 9, 2009

National Day 2009

Today is National Day!

Jie jie(Sharon)prepared a National Day Special Dinner for us.
We had Purina Brand Dog Food(Beneful Prepare Meals = Savory Rice & Lamb Stew with Peas & Carrots) mixed with our Dry kibbles(Go Natural - Salmon)

After the meal, Amber and Dawn was bought to the Community Centre nearby to celebrate National Day there.(The CC had National Day Celebration there.)

While Snowy stayed home with gor gor(Vernon) to watch the NDP on tv.

This is the NDP theme song for 2009 which the title of this song is 'What Do You See' in chinese is '就在这里' . This is the English lyrics, which is wriiten below for the NDP song 2009.

There's a jewel on the ocean
a gem upon the sea
Where the future is an open book
A land of destiny
We could set our sights into the wind and sail the seven seas
or climb the highest mountain top as long as we believe

What do you see?
What do you see?

See the moon and the stars
look how far we have come
Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun
With our hopes and dreams
imagine what tomorrow it may bring

What do you see?
What do you see?

Now the time has come to reach out
To open up to see
That we stand together in this land
Cos we are family
As thoughts of reaching to the sky are carried on a dream
With hearts and minds united
our dreams we will achieve

What do you see?
What do you see?

See the moon and the stars
look how far we have come
Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun
With our hopes and dreams
imagine what tomorrow it may bring

What do you see?
What do you see...

When life makes you take on a mountain
You'll see that nothings gonna stand in your way
Together we can share
The strength of a million
and the courage of a million more

You see the moon and the stars
look how far we have come
Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun
With our hopes and dreams
imagine what tomorrow it may bring
Cos the skys the only limit when youre not afraid to dream

What do you see?
What do you see...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

They Got The Talent!!!!!

Kate Nicholas & Gin on Britain's Got Talent 2008

Rockin Rory & Tony on America's Got Talent 2009

OS: Amazing!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grooming day at Pets Paradise(The new name of Paws Ave Gombark)

Today, Amber, Dawn, and Snowy went for their grooming at Pet Paradise!
Amber went for basic grooming, Dawn went for full grooming while Snowy went for basic grooming.

Jie jies(Betty & Sharon), gor gor(Vernon) and mummy was quite satisfy with the groom. ALl Amber, Dawn and Snowy now is Neat, Pretty and Handsome!

Jie jie(Sharon) bought treat for us too!