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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Kiwi, now Mimi: When will cruel trap-setters be caught?

Yet another dog, Mimi, has been cruelly injured in an illegally laid trap. This is the second case STOMPer Wendy has highlighted, the first being Kiwi, who lost her hind leg.

Wendy says:

“Now we have Mimi. Police report has been made and case brought to AVA's attention since Kiwi's incident. But nothing has been achieved.

“Traps are still out there, meaning, people who committed these crimes are being let off scot-free despite the seriousness of the case.

“Dogs are not the only victims to these deadly traps, humans and other animals can get injured too.

“What circumstances would make the authorities take action?”

STOMP spoke to Ricky Yeo, President of Action for Singapore Dogs. Ricky says:

“We found Mimi on Aug 10.

“She had been missing for two weeks, not showing up at the regular feeding spot near the forest at Lim Chu Kang, where our volunteers frequent.

“When she finally showed up again, she was skinny, starved, and her front leg was mangled from being caught in an illegal trap.

“She was traumatised and in so much pain, and it must have taken her an incredible amount of courage and instinct for survival to return to us.

“As in the same case with Kiwi, we had to clean up the wound and amputate.

“It’s harder for Mimi to adapt as it is her front leg which is injured, which dogs use for balancing. She is having quite a bit of trouble adjusting to this."

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OS: When will people stop abusing these dogs..??!! Why can't they just learn to respect lives...

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