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Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 10 Cat-Friendly Small Dogs

Lions and lambs. Birds and worms. Dogs and cats. There are some combinations of animals, which left to their own devices, just don't mix. This is especially true if both species like to lounge in your living room. (Hopefully you've realized we're zeroing in on dogs and cats here, and don't have a roaring/bleating situation on your hands.)

After all, it's only natural that dogs chase cats, right? Not necessarily. With proper socialization, dogs and cats can live in harmony. In fact, they may even become what we'd consider "friends." Still, it pays to stack the odds in your favor, so we've put together a line-up of "most likely to succeed" dogs. Which breeds made our top 10? Find out, beginning on the next page.


10: Pomeranian

Small Dog

They may look like little balls of fur, but Pomeranians are 3 to 7 pounds (1.36 to 3 kilograms) of sheer confidence -- a trait that makes them well equipped to befriend an equally cocky cat. The Pomeranian's ancestors were once four times the breed's current standard size and were used primarily to herd sheep or pull sleds. Today, the diminutive breed is known for its loyal, active personality with the intelligence to match. This is a combination that easily takes to training -- especially positive reinforcement -- and just one of several reasons the breed made our cat-friendly list. The Pomeranian (whose coat can be any color or pattern, but seems to most often sport orange or red) is an ideal small dog to have as a cat's housemate. Even if the two don't become fast friends, the Pom can be trained to offer companionable respect. Now that's a match made in heaven.


9: Shih Tzu

Small Dog

How could a cat not love these dogs? We sure do. Shih Tzus are tranquil, devoted and highly adaptable. But don't mistake these dogs for proverbial doormats. Their personalities outmatch their diminutive size and they have a persistent arrogant streak that may require extra time and attention -- especially if your goal is peace between Shih Tzus and cats. Shih Tzus respond well to metered discipline, especially when it's consistent and applied to even small infractions (this saves a lot of trouble down the road because it prevents little problems from becoming nasty little habits). With training, they develop a mutual understanding and respect with a feline companion. Plus, at just 9 to 16 pounds (4 to 7 kilograms), your cat may end up being the larger of the two.


8: Chihuahua

Small Dog

The Chihuahua is a big dog in a little package. These up to 6-pound (2.7-kilogram) dynamos are confident, self-reliant and likely to challenge a dog four times their size. Fortunately, even with their terrier-like attitudes, Chihuahuas make good companions for felines. As anyone who has ever watched a Chihuahua and cat become friends must surely know, the two seem to enjoy sharing the same space -- and will even curl up together for a nap. As with most dogs, it's best if a Chihuahua and cat are introduced while still young, preferably before their first birthdays. Even if your Chihuahua is older, he could still be trained to respect a cat rather than give chase. Just make sure the cat does the same. A Chihuahua can weigh as little as 2 pounds (.9 kilograms); the cat may just tower over him.


7: Maltese

Small Dog

The Maltese is undeniably good-looking. She has silky white hair that if not trimmed flows to the floor, a charming little face accentuated by dark, expressive eyes and a black button nose. Weighing about 6 pounds (2.72 kilograms), the Maltese makes a perfect lapdog. But these aren't the only reasons she's on our cat-friendly list. The Maltese is a smart little dog that loves to please, and this makes her a fast learner (so even if your cat can't figure out that running away will make just about any dog give chase, the Maltese can be trained to take the high road). Plus, the Maltese is quite gentle-mannered in the first place, allowing her to become a companion -- rather than a threat -- to equally beloved felines. It's a win/win situation.


6: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small Dog

These dogs seem like the very definition of "lap dog." The Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a member of the English toy spaniel breed, evolved from similar dogs favored by English royalty -- especially King Charles II, who reigned in the 17th century. He always had a spaniel by his side (and even decreed they be allowed in public places, like Parliament). It's no wonder the breed bears his name. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel (or Cav) is quick to learn tricks, obey its human companion and cuddle with anyone who sits still for even a moment. Cat lovers will be especially pleased to discover the Cav has a penchant for smaller creatures. These spaniels weigh only 13 to 18 pounds (5.8 to 8.1 kilograms) and easily bow to the wishes of a household cat if introduced to this long-tailed leader as a puppy. Although the Cav and reigning cat often develop a mutual respect, it's not uncommon to find the two playing, particularly if the cat is an outgoing and good-natured creature.


5: Boston Terrier

Small Dog

These lively dogs can be trained to give a cat ample space. That's just one reason the Boston terrier, also known as the "all-American dog" is one of our top cat-friendly picks. These intelligent dogs with distinctive black-and-white markings weigh anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds (4.5 to 11.3 kilograms) and are easy to train, in large part because of their intelligence and determination. As the name suggests, this breed was developed in Boston, Mass., following the Civil War as a fighting dog. By 1891, it officially became known as the Boston terrier. Most cats, however, simply know them as "buddy."


4: Chinese Crested

Small Dog

The Chinese Crested is an elegant dog that's just 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) tall at the shoulder, bringing him eye-to-eye with many cats. The largely hairless dogs (except for a long crest on the neck and head, the lower legs and tail) are soft and smooth to the touch. A variation, known as the "powderpuff," features an allover coat of soft, straight hair. What cat lovers may appreciate most about the Chinese Crested, however, is his loving, playful personality. One that's just right for living with a cat or two. In fact, because the Chinese Crested can sometimes be naturally timid, it may just be the cat you have to watch out for. Generally, though, the Chinese Crested will befriend the companions he lives with over time -- cats and all.


3: Shetland Sheepdog

Small Dog

They may look like miniature versions of the Border collie, but Shetland sheepdogs have a personality all their own. They stand only 13 to 16 inches (33 to 40.6 centimeters) at the shoulder, but have an alert and intelligent disposition. This makes them especially responsive to their owners and to consistent training attempts. Shelties are adept at everything from basic obedience to agility, and can readily understand any command that amounts to "don't chase the cat." In fact, the loyal affection these herding dogs show their owners is matched only by their tolerance and patience when faced with smaller species like cats-- particularly if initially supervised to make sure the friendship get off on the right paw.


2: Japanese Chin

Small Dog

Bred as companions, it's easy to see why a Japanese Chin would become fast friends with their human -- or even a cat their human also happens to love. The Japanese Chin actually originated in China, and spent much of its time warming the laps of Chinese aristocracy or accompanying royal ladies in their comings and goings. As the breed's popularity grew throughout the Far East, the dogs were gifted to traveling dignitaries -- signifying what a treasure the Japanese Chin had become to the Far East. The Japanese Chin continues to be a treasure today, and is an affectionate (if not occasionally reserved) breed with an even temperament that can adapt to dynamic households, including playful kittens or adult cats.


1: Bichon Frise

Small Dog

There's much to love about the Bichon Frise. They're cheerful, playful and gentle -- all great qualities in a companion dog. At up to 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms) and 11.5 inches (29.2 centimeters) in height, this powder-puff of a dog is a perfectly packaged compadre. And that goes for cats, too. When raised together, a Bichon and a housecat can become fast friends, playing and wrestling like siblings. Even if introduced later in life, the two can learn to get along if the cat isn't especially aggressive or flighty. Small dogs like the Bichon Frise are especially likely to be harmed by cat claws; most dogs won't chase a cat that doesn't run. By employing a consistent brand of positive reinforcement, even reluctant Bichons can be trained to tolerate cats.


These Dogs don't like Cats. There are exceptions to every rule, but high-energy, prey-driven dogs are more likely to see your cat as a snack or entertainment than a buddy. Steer clear of terriers, which include Jack Russells, and sighthounds, which include greyhounds. They're more likely to terrorize a cat than befriend it.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

White tiger's tail inflamed due to too much licking, says Zoo company

A white tiger at the Singapore Zoo caused its tail to be inflamed when it licked it excessively during grooming. Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the parent company of Singapore Zoo, said this in response to an article in STOMP about the injured animal.

While grooming and licking is normal feline behaviour, excessive licking can cause inflammation of the skin.

The female tiger, Winnie, was first spotted by STOMPer Tina during her visit to the zoo last Saturday (Mar 5). She later sent in photos of the injured animal to STOMP.

In its reply, Wildlife Reserves Singapore said:

"Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) refers to the photo submitted to STOMP Singapore, 'Poor Thing! White tiger with injured tail spotted' by Stomper Tina on 6 March 2011.

"The tip portion of the female white tiger’s tail was exposed due to overgrooming and excessive licking of her fur over a period of time.

"The abrasive nature of her tongue also caused the skin to become raw and pink.

"The tiger, Winnie, had started licking her tail about two weeks ago which resulted in the fur loss.

"This is normal feline behaviour as grooming is comforting for a cat.

"However, excessive licking can cause inflammation of the skin and cause it to over granulate.

"The condition is expected to heal and the fur to grow back after some topical treatment by WRS vets.

"The vets are currently treating her tail with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and topical sprays to prevent further inflammation of the skin.

"We will continue to monitor her condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

"We thank STOMP writer Tina for her concern regarding Winnie."


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

S'pore sees increase in demand for exotic game meat

Frozen exotic game meat

SINGAPORE: The demand for exotic game meat has doubled over two years.

Owners of game meat stores said the increase is due to the presence of more Chinese nationals in Singapore who enjoy eating the exotic meat more than the locals.

One local farmer who breeds his own game meat said 6 out of 10 customers are from China.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority allows the import of exotic game meat like rabbit, pigeon, quail, squab and wild guinea fowl.

But game meat is not common in Singapore.

The Restaurant Association of Singapore said less than 10 per cent of restaurants under the organisation sell game meat.



Sunday, May 15, 2011

AVA investigating alleged case of restaurant selling dog meat

SINGAPORE : The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) is investigating an alleged case of a restaurant selling dog meat to patrons.

It has taken samples for testing to ascertain the type of meat used.

The Internet has been abuzz with comments of an eatery - identified as Song Hua Jiang Restaurant - located at Jurong East Avenue 1 featuring dog meat in its menu.

One of its dishes was apparently described as containing "braised dog meat, tofu and cabbage".

AVA said in a statement that under the law, meat can only be imported from AVA-approved sources which have met public health and food safety standards.

Authorities also ensure that local slaughter houses meet standards of safety and welfare in the treatment and handling of live animals for slaughter.

AVA said it accepts only internationally humane methods and "there is no known humane methods of slaughtering dogs for human consumption".

It added there are also no premises licensed for the slaughter of dogs in Singapore.

Anyone caught illegally slaughtering animals for human consumption or importing dog meat could be fined up to S$10,000 and jailed up to 12 months.

- CNA/al


Sunday Morning...

All of us still looks sleepy though...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

S'pore restaurant sells braised dog meat

S'pore restaurant sells braised dog meat: Legal or not? Where do they get the meat?

At first glance, what this restaurant serves looks like typical Chinese fare. However, STOMPer EDMWer was surprised to see one item offered on the menu is braised dog meat. Is this legal, he questions, and where do they get the meat from?

EDMWer wrote in his email (May 9):

"Dog meat for sale in Singapore.

"This 'China-nese'-run restaurant is selling dog meat.

"Is it legal?

"Did the authorities approve of dog meat imports?"

STOMP understands that the Chinese restaurant, located at Jurong East, is part of a chain of restaurants which originated in China and purportedly serves authentic Dong Bei cuisine.



Eatery employee claimed dog meat is legal in S'pore, says animal advocate group

A female employee of the restaurant which listed 'braised dog meat' on its menu 'rudely and arrogantly' told netizens that they did sell dog meat and it is legal to do so here, said an animal advocate group.

News of the 'dog meat' eatery was first sent in by STOMPer EDMWer who was surprised and questioned its legality. The AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) later took samples from the restaurant to conduct an investigation.

The restaurant owner had claimed the meat was actually pork, and tests of the meat by the AVA also affirmed this.

A spokesperson from the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) wrote in a statement (May 12):

"AVA has announced that following tests of the alleged dog meat, the meat is in fact pork.

"While ACRES does not doubt the test AVA conducted, we do question whether the owner provided the right samples or might have got rid of the alleged dog meat before AVA inspected the premises.

"We note that netizens had called the restaurant earlier and they did say they sold dog meat and even said it was legal to sell it in Singapore. Online comments include:

"1. Before news of this eatery went viral, I called up (it was listed as 'Song Hua Jiang TRADING' in the yellowpages) at about 12 noon on Sunday and the lady on the other end (a Chinese national), rudely and arrogantly told me that, yes, of course they sell dog meat! And of course it’s legal in Singapore!

"2. I called up and asked if they sell dog meat. The lady on the phone arrogantly told me in Chinese that Singapore can sell dog meat, what!

"Based solely on the AVA tests, the restaurant clearly cheated their customer since they had listed the dish as 'dog meat' on the menu.

"ACRES has written to AVA and NEA and urged them to prosecute the restaurant under Section 17 of The Sale of Food Act, which states: 'No person shall sell any food which is labelled or advertised in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its value, merit or safety'.

"Real or fake, the restaurant should not have promoted dog meat in Singapore and should be prosecuted."


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Today is Mother's day. our whole family are celebrating it.

Our jie jie and mummy prepared special food for us as our Mother's Day special dinner (Food we don't get to eat often.)

Our Mother's Day Special Dinner:

Addiction Dehydrated Herb Lamb & Potato

Boiled Brocolli & Cauliflower

Steamed Rice & Suchi Fish Fillet

Bule Baffalo's Lamb Stew

All Mixed into the big bowl

and divided into our individual bowls

OS from ADS: it's super yummy!!! been some time since we last tasted steam suchi fish fillet and stew lamb!

Then after feeding us our dinner and giving us our night walk, our humans went off to Clementi Mall FoodFare for their Mother's Day dinner.

To name you a few, they had

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice)

Dao Xiao Mian

And others...

At here, We wanna wish our mummy and all mummys out there

Happy Mother's Day