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Thursday, May 19, 2011

White tiger's tail inflamed due to too much licking, says Zoo company

A white tiger at the Singapore Zoo caused its tail to be inflamed when it licked it excessively during grooming. Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the parent company of Singapore Zoo, said this in response to an article in STOMP about the injured animal.

While grooming and licking is normal feline behaviour, excessive licking can cause inflammation of the skin.

The female tiger, Winnie, was first spotted by STOMPer Tina during her visit to the zoo last Saturday (Mar 5). She later sent in photos of the injured animal to STOMP.

In its reply, Wildlife Reserves Singapore said:

"Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) refers to the photo submitted to STOMP Singapore, 'Poor Thing! White tiger with injured tail spotted' by Stomper Tina on 6 March 2011.

"The tip portion of the female white tiger’s tail was exposed due to overgrooming and excessive licking of her fur over a period of time.

"The abrasive nature of her tongue also caused the skin to become raw and pink.

"The tiger, Winnie, had started licking her tail about two weeks ago which resulted in the fur loss.

"This is normal feline behaviour as grooming is comforting for a cat.

"However, excessive licking can cause inflammation of the skin and cause it to over granulate.

"The condition is expected to heal and the fur to grow back after some topical treatment by WRS vets.

"The vets are currently treating her tail with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and topical sprays to prevent further inflammation of the skin.

"We will continue to monitor her condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

"We thank STOMP writer Tina for her concern regarding Winnie."


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