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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

S'pore restaurant sells braised dog meat

S'pore restaurant sells braised dog meat: Legal or not? Where do they get the meat?

At first glance, what this restaurant serves looks like typical Chinese fare. However, STOMPer EDMWer was surprised to see one item offered on the menu is braised dog meat. Is this legal, he questions, and where do they get the meat from?

EDMWer wrote in his email (May 9):

"Dog meat for sale in Singapore.

"This 'China-nese'-run restaurant is selling dog meat.

"Is it legal?

"Did the authorities approve of dog meat imports?"

STOMP understands that the Chinese restaurant, located at Jurong East, is part of a chain of restaurants which originated in China and purportedly serves authentic Dong Bei cuisine.



Eatery employee claimed dog meat is legal in S'pore, says animal advocate group

A female employee of the restaurant which listed 'braised dog meat' on its menu 'rudely and arrogantly' told netizens that they did sell dog meat and it is legal to do so here, said an animal advocate group.

News of the 'dog meat' eatery was first sent in by STOMPer EDMWer who was surprised and questioned its legality. The AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) later took samples from the restaurant to conduct an investigation.

The restaurant owner had claimed the meat was actually pork, and tests of the meat by the AVA also affirmed this.

A spokesperson from the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) wrote in a statement (May 12):

"AVA has announced that following tests of the alleged dog meat, the meat is in fact pork.

"While ACRES does not doubt the test AVA conducted, we do question whether the owner provided the right samples or might have got rid of the alleged dog meat before AVA inspected the premises.

"We note that netizens had called the restaurant earlier and they did say they sold dog meat and even said it was legal to sell it in Singapore. Online comments include:

"1. Before news of this eatery went viral, I called up (it was listed as 'Song Hua Jiang TRADING' in the yellowpages) at about 12 noon on Sunday and the lady on the other end (a Chinese national), rudely and arrogantly told me that, yes, of course they sell dog meat! And of course it’s legal in Singapore!

"2. I called up and asked if they sell dog meat. The lady on the phone arrogantly told me in Chinese that Singapore can sell dog meat, what!

"Based solely on the AVA tests, the restaurant clearly cheated their customer since they had listed the dish as 'dog meat' on the menu.

"ACRES has written to AVA and NEA and urged them to prosecute the restaurant under Section 17 of The Sale of Food Act, which states: 'No person shall sell any food which is labelled or advertised in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its value, merit or safety'.

"Real or fake, the restaurant should not have promoted dog meat in Singapore and should be prosecuted."


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