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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inspiring scene in life...

Hero dog saves fellow canine in road accident
Ever seen a hero dog in action? A dog is not only man's best friend but is its fellow dogs' best friend as well, as Stomper Brad Tan found out in this video clip sent to him via email.

In the video of an incident which occurred in a Latin American country, a dog trying to cross a highway is hit by a vehicle.

It lies injured on the road as cars zoom past it. Incredibly, no car hit the dog.

Moments later, the hero dog arrives at the scene.

It runs to the road, with cars zooming past it, to the aid of its fellow dog.

It uses its front paws to drag the injured dog to the side of the road.

Some workers spot the inspiring scene and come to the rescue of the dog.

That dog is truly a hero, says Brad.

OS:Truely inspiring! this is the spirit we should learn! Dog is indeed the man's BEST FRIEND!

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