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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heartless Owner who abandon his/her dog!!!

So heartless to abandon poor dog in a carrier that's too small for it
This poor dog was abandoned heartlessly by his owner, next to a rubbish bin at the lift landing of Block 4, Rochor Road.

The Jack Russell was locked inside a carrier that was too small for it.

STOMPer Png, who witnessed this scene, says:

"The pooch was whimpering pitifully inside the dog carrier and could not stand at its full height due to its cramped enclosure.

"Some elderly residents in the area commented that they saw this dog carrier next to the bin since 5 am this morning(6 March). This means that the dog had been cooped up in this awkward position for several hours.

"Along with the dog carrier, a trash bag with dog accessories such as dog shampoo, dog bowl, a large cushion believed to be the dog's sleeping mat, and other related miscellaneous items were place beside the carrier.

"A note, believed to be from its owner, was left on the carrier.

"On the note, it was written, 'Dog Name: Russel. Sorry, I cannot take care of him. Will any kind men please take good care of him. Thank you!'

"I went to the scene at around 8.15am and saw this dog locked in the carrier, begging for attention with its pitiful whimper. It was shivering when I approached it, but tried defending itself by barking when I tried to pick up the carrier or speak to it.

"I think it must be wondering why its owner ditched it so heartlessly.

"The dog was still on leash and had urinated in the dog carrier.

"The SPCA was contacted and the dog was placed in their custody when they arrived 2 hours later.

"A resident said that she has a pet dog who was also abandoned. According to records, her dog was abandoned twice.

"She said with a sigh 'I hope this dog will find a good home. Else it would be put down.'"

Credited by: Stomp on 6 March 2009

OS:OMG!!! how can they abandon the dog like that?? if he or she is unable or no longer able to take care of the dog, can put it on the internet for adoption... why resort to such cruel acts to the dog itself?? the dog did no wrong to deserve such mistreatment~ Cried*

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