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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How many hours do dogs sleep a day???

How much do dogs sleep? Under controlled laboratory conditions, dogs sleep about 13 hours per day but they wake up more frequently than people do.

How much and when dog sleep varies enormously depending on the social and physical environment. A dog living as an only pet in an apartment may sleep much more than one working as a herding dog on a farm.

Dogs will often adjust their activity and sleep cycles so that they can be active when people and other animals are active.

Yawning and sleep are also conflict behaviors that can occur in stressful situations. Animals yawn when they are nervous or prevented from doing something they want to do. By falling asleep, animals can cope with stress by avoiding it.

It also depends on the breed and age.
As dogs get older they sleep more than younger dogs. With middle age dogs sleep around 14 hours a day.

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