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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So young but so greedy: Boy, 13, adopted dogs for free and sold them for profit

STOMPer badentrepreneur was shocked to find out that a 13-year-old boy had been adopting dogs for free, only to sell them for his personal profit. This is an example of bad entrepreneurship, says the STOMPer.

In a news report in the Straits Times today (Oct 3), a 13-year-old boy was given a conditional police warning after pet lovers called to attention his tactics of adopting a dog for free, then selling them for profit.

The boy would pose as a grieving dog owner and approach people online, begging them to let him adopt their pedigree dogs. He even went as far as to say that their dogs reminded him of his recently deceased pet dog.

After the adoption went through, he would put the dogs up for sale online. He posted about 20 advertisements in total, selling dogs from various breeds such as Jack Russells to Japanese spitzes for prices ranging from $250 to $400.

He was finally caught after two dog owners made police reports.

The boy claimed that he had done nothing wrong as the pet was 'his property to sell' once he had adopted it.

The STOMPer commented:

"A very, very small part of me congratulates this ambitious boy on his ingenuity. He will be a very good and evil businessman who doesn't give two hoots about preying on people's emotions for personal gain.

"But a much larger part of me wants to wring him by the neck for being that manipulative, cruel and selfish.

"Adoption is a difficult process for both the adoptee and those letting it go. He is belittling that commitment with his greedy actions.

"The worst part is how unremorseful he is! This kid must really be deprived of good parents to be so callous about his treatment of living things.

"If he wants extra money, he should get a part-time job and earn it like everyone else does.

"Money earned from cheating others will never bring you happiness."


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