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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Serial puppy killer loose in Bukit Batok? 2 pups found dead in 3 days

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Two dead puppies have been found over a three-day period by Bukit Batok residents. STOMPer Karen suspects they were killed by a man who was spotted near a PUB facility carrying a large stick.

The STOMPer explained the situation:

"This dead puppy of about seven weeks of age was found in Bukit Batok. Another was also found dead two nights before this.

"It was apparently strangled and flung across a road in Bukit Batok. The young pup was spotted uphill where the body landed after it was killed.

"The road where it was found turns upwards to a hill with a water supply facility. This area is normally out of bounds to the public. The only visitors to this place would be the PUB workers who check the meters daily.

"They had buried the first puppy before this second one was found.

"On the night of Sep 15, at 11.20pm, residents had spotted a suspicious-looking man. He had a big stick with him, walking around in the wooded area where the puppies were found.

"When he was questioned about his motives, he had explained that he was looking at frogs. Fifteen hours later, residents had found the carcass of one of the puppies.

"The authorities have so far not acted. Should we keep quiet as well? It is very disappointing to know that those who are supposed to speak for the animals are not doing so.

"The dead pup has been sent for an autopsy. Is this going to be another wild goose chase to nab the perpetrators?"


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