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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Amber's sterilization operation is a success!

Amber went to her sterilization operation today in the day at 12pm..

Jie jie(Sharon) was there to accompany her..

around 6pm++ her operation starts...

Amber was given a blood test and urine test as well..
also, her ears was check to see how was her condition on her ear infection too..

Jie jie(Sharon) was very worried that she cried and stop, stop and cried for the few hours..
(Jie jie was very worried partly the reason of Amber's age, partly the reason that she remembered a few months ago, the incident of a 9yr old JRT who died on the sterilization operation too..)

Finally after 7 hours of waiting, the operation is done... jie jie(Sharon) was able to go visit her and to know the condition with the doctor..

(Amber at the "patient bed" in The Joyous Vet)

Amber was still kinda blur after the operation,she can hears the humans talking but was weak and sleepy still...

According to the doc, her urine test and blood test shows that she's was in perfect health, all her organs was healthy and strong except that her Ph is slightly lower then average but that's fine...

During the operation, they also said that her urine parameters was a little bigger than the usual but it's not much a concern..

As for her ears, it's a mild ear infections, with just some medication, it'll recover soon... the cause of ear infection could be caused by not properly dried off when after bath..

after the consultation with the doctor and visiting Amber, jie jie(Sharon) and the rest of the human family went off to let Amber rest a little more before they pick her home...

Jie jies(Sharon & Betty) went and pick Amber at 9++pm.. and also to collect her medication too..

(Amber arrived home in her carrier still pretty tired and blur at 9++pm)

(Amber being placed in her own bed to rest for the 1st night after her operation)

OS from Dawn and Snowy: Speedy recovery! Amber..

OS from Jie jie(Sharon): i know you can do it, brave girl!!! Bravery Amber!

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