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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cruelty of human beings: Cat tied to pipe struggled before choking to death

STOMPer Angela was brought to tears when she saw this dead stray cat at Block 205 Toa Payoh North, apparently a victim of abuse.

Said the STOMPer:

"See what happened to our darling stray cat this morning (Nov 22) at Block 205 Toa Payoh North near the water pipe.

"Every time we pass by the area we just have to call out 'Meow' and these cats approach us for a little cuddle and stroking.

"But this morning when one went missing we presumed our little tabby was lazy but what a rude shock we got, that brought us to tears.

"We captured these pictures using our handphones.

"A string was wound around the cat's neck and tied to the water pipe.

"We called Central Police Station and they sent down two officers. The SPCA contacted me for their team to remove the cat.

"The struggle marks on the wall with bloodstains reflect the tabby cat's struggle to escape as it choked to death.

"This is the fate of the stray cats when faced with cruel two-legged HUMAN creatures and this upsets us animal lovers.

"Hello, everyone has a right to live in peace on this beautiful earth.

"Whoever did this will face retribution."


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