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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our family dinner today!!!

Tonight's dinner was a feast to everyone in the family!

as there's so much left over food from jie jie's 21st b'dae chalet event, Mummy bought a mini BBQ pit and started BBQ-ing just right outside our corridor..

and tha tha!!! so much food!!!
all for our humans...

but they did not forget our share too!!
We had steam SALMON, BROCCOLI with rice and dry kibbles!!!

Look at our Happy face.. enjoying the delicious dinner...

Then later in the early night, while gor gor with snowy in the bedroom resting, daddy cleaning the floor, mummy and jie jies(Sharon & Betty) sit outside our house along the corridor BBQ-ing a little more quick bites and chit chatting...

Amber and dawn just sit at mummy's bicycle's back basket and rest..

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