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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dog attack: Owner admits

Mongrel broke free from his grip and bit 3 kids

Terri Chua, seen here with Mon Mon, says he has learnt to be strict with a young dog. -- ST PHOTO: BRYAN VAN DER BEEK

ONE minute Mon Mon was sitting quietly by a park bench, the next it was in a frenzy at the sight of a five-year-old boy playing nearby.

The two-year-old mongrel broke free from its owner's grip, pouncing on and biting the French boy before moving on to attack two other children at Tavistock Park in Serangoon Gardens on Jan 27 this year.

On Thursday, Terri Chua, 46, pleaded guilty to three charges of being the owner of a dog which injured children that afternoon.

The court heard that even though Chua was holding onto the leash, Mon Mon was able to break loose and attack the five-year-old.

The boy had been playing on his own while his mother sat on another bench in the park.

Chua chased his dog away from the screaming boy but it then ran towards two other children playing in the park.


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