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Sunday, June 7, 2009

ClubPets Magazine Carnival 2009 - Sunday, 7th June 09

Today jie jies(betty and Sharon) bring us to the Clubpets carnival 2009. As jie jies have to do their volunteering work at one of the booth.. so we were like following our jie jies around watching them on duties(Giving out flyers and approaching people to bring them to our booth or participate in the games...)

Many dogs were there too!!!

Can you tell which is Amber??

And which is Dawn?

It was suppose to be Dawn and betty participating the "Most Talented Dog" contest, but because dawn seems to be really stressed and tired so hence changed to Amber participating it. Amber was distracted(Looking around where her jie jie was..) hence her performance was not so good

OS From Jie Jie(Sharon): Sorry, Amber, jie was not too confident, maybe next time we'll participated in contest and games's a promise.. and you still do great today, in jie jie's heart, you're the best!

Then we(Amber & Dawn) also take part in the Nutripe Photo Contest"Think you and your pet look great together?"

Soon it's time to go home, before we go home, here's some more picture of Amber and Dawn..

Soon it was time to board the shuttle bus, while waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive, we took some more pictures with all our samples and freebies and goodie bags today..

Then when we arrive the Shuttle Bus ending point, we alight and board a taxi home..
finally on the way... it's tiring that we fall asleep...

Although Snowy didn't get to come with us(Amber & Dawn) to event as gor gor(Vernon) have to prepare for his exam tomorrow..
So jie jies(Betty & Sharon) bought him a new toy to play with..

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