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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry X'mas 2011!

Today is Christmas. Our humans family went for a X'mas feast at Mayim Chinese Restaurant located in westmall.

Then we had, Salmon stew and sashimi treats!
it's been some time since we last had Salmon stew and our 1st time for the sashimi treats!

And very happy to say,we have a very pretty X'mas tree this year!

Our humans also bought us X'mas present! 3-in-1 interactive dog games!

it's kinda new to us and not all of us knows how to play with it. but nonetheless, we had a wonderful X'mas this year!
OS from Amber: my jie jie, thanks for still trying hard to play with me and giving me a X'mas feast to create wonderful X'mas memories for this year though you're down with mild fever.

Last but not least,from Amber, Dawn and Snowy: Merry Christmas everyone! Woof!

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