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Friday, December 9, 2011

The house moving on 4 dec 11....

It's finally been a week since we moved and now get some time to update our blog...
Alhough we are only moving to another street in the same district but it was a lot of work!

During and on the acutal day of house moving was a big mess! a lot of things has to be packed, furniture has to be moved,shifted to the lorry which will transport all of it to the new house.

3 of us was temperally locked in the cage to prevent from any accident occuring while our humans are busy moving,shifting and packing the furniture, things and other stuff..
It was pretty long hours from early morning to late night.

Then in between, we gets some short walks before finally "transporting" us to the new house..
Amber has her final picture taken at the old house areas with one of her usual friends whom she always plays with during walks.. (Amber: a pity i did not get to take photos with a lot of my friends whom i always met and play with during walks)

Amber and wang wang, the 3yr old Male Chi Hua Hua

We're currently still settling down in our new home...
Our new home will be revealed soon..

Just a little expose to our new home..
Our wall color for all rooms..

And the scenery outside..(It's very cooling and windy in what ever hours it its!)

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