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Monday, March 1, 2010

Singapore News - Animal Cruelty on Razor Tv

Doused with Diesel (Animal Cruelty Pt 1)

Who is the animal here? (Animal Cruelty Pt 2)

Extreme abuse cases (Animal Cruelty Pt 3)

Extreme abuse cases (Animal Cruelty Pt 4)

PS from ADS: Upon watching all these news, 3 of us were really glad and lucky that we were adopted into our current family(Tan's Family) despite that some of us have a certain past... and we were well taken care of and living happily...
We pray and wish sincerely that those pets out there who's got no home, or waiting to be re-homed will go to a good home soon... Please do gives all of them (Pets) a chance to a good home...All of them deserve TLC with a good home...

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