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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Japanese Spitz's Coat

The Japanese Spitz is a pure white dog with a swelling mane, bushy plume tail and a thick double coat. The Japanese Spitz is a self-groomer and just needs a hand with brushing and combing. This dog is low-maintenance and should not be groomed too often.

Regular brushing and combing is one of the most important things you can do keep your pet happy and healthy.This dog needs combing a couple of times a week and trimming intermittently.

Brushing, Combing and Massage:

. Removes dirt and debris
. Invigorates the skin
. Spreads oils to moisturize skin and keep its coat shiny
. Prevents mats and tangles which are irritating and painful and can harbour bacteria, fungus and other infection
. Keeps your house cleaner especially during shedding seasons
. Bonding, massaging, loving interaction
. Early detection of fleas, ticks, eczema, infection and smells that may notify you of sickness

It's very important to brush a dog with a double coat. Mats can develop that harbor fungus and create infection. If the mats develop to the point that the dog needs shaving, it can create problems for the dog. Its seasonal growth cycle is disturbed. It will have problems regulating its temperature; it can get windburn or sunburn, and shaving severely alters the color and texture of the coat.

Tools: Slicker, Steel comb, rake, Soft bristled brush

Use the slicker and comb to brush out feathering and tail.
Use the soft bristled brush on the body.
Use the rake, as needed, to pull out the undercoat.
The hair of the Japanese Spitz is very soft and rather fragile so grooming should go on once a week or as needed.


PS from Snowy: see! although we are fluffy, bushy and thick-fur, but we're low maintenance! my gor gor does not need to bath or groom me often and that certainly save him a lot of trouble! (and save up a lot of time and got more time to play!)

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