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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why we shouldn't feed strays: Look at what vicious stray cat did to woman and dog

STOMPer Yvonne's mother and her dog were viciously attacked by a stray cat lurking around Block 216 of Tampines Street 23 on Thursday (Aug 4) when they were taking a walk.

Yesterday (Aug 5), a STOMPer wrote in saying that the feeding of stray cats and pigeons is causing a rat problem in Clementi.

The STOMPer recounted:

"I like to share a horrifying incident that happened to my mother and my dog, in the hopes that all dog owners will be more careful and that people should minimize the feeding of stray cats.

"This incident happened on the evening of Aug 4 at the void deck of Blk 216 of Tampines St 23.

"My mother was walking the dog when she spotted a stray cat approaching fast from a distance.

"Realizing the intention of the stray cat, she quickly carried my dog into her arms, but her reaction was not quick enough and the stray cat attacked my dog.

"My mother pushed the stray cat away, but it did not want to give up and viciously attacked my mother.

"A lady, feeding the stray cats, came to my mother's aid only after hearing her constant cries for help.

"Please find attached the image of what happened to them and the pain they had to endure.

"This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred -- the first time, my dog was saved from the attack.

"Other dog owners have faced same thing as well."


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