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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Mutiara Rini Dog Shelter Story

Mutiara Rini Dog Shelter is where strays call home. Exploited once by it's caretaker for monetary gains, and abused by her, a group of animal lovers from Singapore and Malaysia rescued the shelter.

The dogs here are malnourished, forced to eat once a day by it's previous caretaker. Some are dying with infectious skins diseases and all sort of ailments.

Picking up where the caretaker left off, Rain Kooh, a dedicated animal lover and her friends are helping out as much as they can.

They still need to sustain a constant flow of donations for the dogs there for their veterinary costs and they food as well. Please watch this video and listen to the dog's plea for help.

Thank you.

The Above message was not from Amber,Dawn,Snowy or our owners. We hope to share this video/message as this group of dogs needs help.


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