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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Python crushes cat to death at Bukit Panjang

A python killed a cat at Saujana Road in Bukit Panjang yesterday (June 13). The python was coiled around the dead cat when police arrived to capture it. Blood was visible around the dead cat's mouth.

STOMPer Mathana sent in these pictures and says:

"A python was sighted at Block 416, Saujana Road yesterday (June 13) at about 1am.

"It had actually killed a cat and was about to eat it when it was captured by the police.

"The police had some difficulty luring it into the net as it was slithering around scaring onlookers.

"Finally it was captured and brought to the police car.

STOMP understands that the python, which can grow to over 8m long, is common in Singapore, and feeds on small animals like rats, birds and even cats and dogs.

Reticulated pythons are not venomous, and kill their prey through constriction.


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