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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrating Amber's 7th Birthday in advanced

Today, our humans celebrated amber's birthday in advanced instead of tomorrow(our jie jie is thinking that they might come home late tomorrow due to work hence the early celebration) and went to buy one of the pretty good dog canned food for us as part of the special birthday dinner to celebrate amber's birthday..

introducing the Canned food....

Naturediet Lamb with Vegetables & Rice Dog Food

Naturediet Tray Adult Dog Food with Lamb, Vegetables and Rice is a complete nutritious, high quality natural dog food.

o High Quality Protein - to help develop and maintain your dog's muscle mass;
o Natural Oils - to help maintain healthy skin and coat;
o Antioxidants - derived from seaweed extracts; helps to neutralise free radicals and aid your dog's cellular repair;
o Vitamins and Minerals - to help boost your dog's immune system and overall health;
o Controlled Calcium and Phosphorous - to help maintain and develop healthy teeth and bones;
o Natural Fibre - to promote a healthy digestive tract;
o No artificial additives, preservatives or colourings;
o Wheat Gluten Free - suitable for sensitive digestive systems.

All Naturediet dog food is made with meats certified as suitable for human consumption

Ingredients: Lamb and Lamb Tripe (Min. 60%), Brown Rice (Min. 15%), Carrots (Min. 8%), Natural Crushed Bone, Seaweed, Vitamins and Minerals, Vitamin A 1250iu/kg, Vitamin D3 150iu/kg, Vitamin E 20mg/kg.

Typical Analysis: Moisture 75%, Protein 10%, Oils and Fats 8%, Fibre 1.5%, Ash 2.5%.

OS: you can really see and smell real meat, rice, veg etc..

Into our mixing bowl..

into our own bowls..


For amber's Birthday present, jie jie(Sharon) give her..

DoggyMan - PurePretty Electric Comb (It suck in the fur while brushing through the coat)

Happy 7th Birthday to Amber!

OS: which Amber will officially be "7 years old" tomorrow!

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Loh A W Michelle said...

Happy Belated Barkday Amber