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Monday, March 14, 2011

All updates on Animals relating to March 2011 Japan Disaster

Earthquake and tsunami relief for Japan's people and pets
Many people and animals are in need in the wake of Japan's tsunami

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan today caused widespread death, injury and destruction. Relief organizations and governments around the world are responding to help people, and now several groups are stepping in to assist the animals impacted by the disaster as well.

There are a number of ways for people here and abroad to help the people and pets that were hurt or displaced. Sacramento pet expert and author Gina Spadafori reported today on recommendations made by her colleague, veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker.

For those interested in doing so, Becker suggests contacting the following organizations:

World Vets is an international veterinary aid organization that provides “free veterinary aid, resources and support during times of disaster all over the world”. Their non-profit efforts spans 25 countries and 6 continents, and handles both veterinary issues and human health issues caused by animal-related infectious diseases.

World Vets is already working to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami, and desperately needs donations. To learn more, click here for their website.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is a non-profit, FEMA-certified agency that searches for survivors in the wreckage of catastrophic events such as the one is Japan.

NDSDF has already deployed six Canine Disaster Search Teams to respond to the current crisis; each task force is made up of approximately 72 members (including both humans and Urban Search and Rescue dogs) and some 75 tons of rescue equipment.



Here’s another article with a more complete list of animal rescue groups that will be doing work in Japan. Please help them out if you can.

Help animals in Japan tsunami disaster

March 11 was a tragic day for Japan after a disastrous 8.9-magnitute earthquake shattered the eastern coast and resulted in a series of tsunamis that washed away homes, cars, and caused damage of catastrophic proportions. Relief organizations all over the world are responding to help the people and the animals of Japan.

The Search Dog Foundation is deploying six canine disaster search teams to assist with the rescues. The task force will be composed of approximately 72 personnel, including urban search and rescue dogs, and some 75 tons of rescue equipment.

Sadly, many animals have been injured in the earthquake and countless were left homeless. Here is some information about the rescue efforts by the local animal shelters. Below is a message from Elizabeth Oliver of Animal Refuge Kansai:

From our experience of the Great Hanshin earthquake on January 17th 1995, we know that the number of homeless pets may be immense. Here at ARK, we are preparing for what might be a huge influx of animals. We already have some facilities in place and a team of experienced staff able to deal with traumatized animals. We may have to build emergency shelters as well. The logistics of getting animal from the Tohoku/Sendai area is immense, since roads and other transport links have been cut and may take time to restore. Our only means to get animals down to Osaka may be by helicopter, which was one method we used after the Kobe earthquake. We will use our resources and know-how to help as many animals as we can, following this terrible disaster.

Japan Cat Network has also posted an update on its web site:

We are all greatly saddened and have been continually horrified by news of the devastation, following the recent earthquake here in Japan. We, the kitties at the JCN Kansai shelter, and the shelter itself, are all fine. However, we remain very concerned about the animals in the severely affected areas who may be overlooked in the midst of so much immediate need to address human concerns. We are working with two other no-kill organizations to coordinate plans for getting animals from these areas out to safety, and have already begun helping people with pets in crisis.

Please donate any amount you can to help the shelters with the rescue efforts. No amount is small and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Below are the links for additional information on donations:

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A man and his little muddy dog (rescued by a fireman) reunited - this morning's newspaper (13 March 2011)
A man and his little muddy dog (rescued by a fireman) reunited - this morning's newspaper (13 March 2011)



PS from ADS & family: We pray for Japan to recover soon from this disaster. Hope all animals, pets will be reunite with their family soon. May all humans to be able to return to their normal lifestyle soon, and May all Pets (Dogs, Cats, birds, rabbits, hamster, gerbils, chinchilas, turtles, abd fish if possible) be safe and sound and together with their family again. Let's hope that this disaster won't happen again.

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