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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Foreign worker bashes dog with metal chain, until its face is a bloody mess

A China foreign worker apparently bashed this stray dog with a metal chain and injured it so badly that its face become a bloody mess. Another foreign worker witnessed the incident, and shouted at the man to stop hitting the dog.

The man stopped hitting the dog at once and a volunteer at an animal shelter has since brought the dog to the shelter to get its injuries treated.

STOMPer Lia saw the dog at the animal shelter and wrote to STOMP. She said:

"I do believe most people will not want this to happen to any stray dog.

"This dog's injuries were no accident.

"A China foreign worker had allegedly bashed the dog's face in with a metal chain.

"He was spotted by a fellow worker. The other worker shouted at the man to stop hitting the dog and he did.

"My friend, who happens to be a volunteer at an animal shelter, saw the dog and asked the other worker what happened to the dog.

"He was told what had occurred and he decided to bring the dog to the animal shelter, to be treated.

"Everyone who saw the dog when it came in yesterday (Jan 2) afternoon were shocked by the extent of its injuries."

An SPCA spokesman issued a statement:

"The injuries on the dog are horrific and action needs to be taken if the dog was abused as reported. If anyone has knowledge of where this incident happened, and who is responsible, please do make a police report (and inform the SPCA) as soon as possible, at the nearest police post. If you need any assistance, please do call the SPCA at 62875355 ext. 9 for further advice.


In Singapore, cruelty to animals is a crime. Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone who is found guilty of such an offence including abandonment of any animal, can be imprisoned for up to 12 months, fined up to $10,000, or both."


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