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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Today is Christmas...

For this year's Christmas, our human family members will be going out for their X'mas dinner...
But, our humans didn't forget us... they prepared special X'mas dinner for 3 of us(ADS)

last year, we had...

Tofu Quiche, Fish Pot and Shepperd Pie

This year's X'mas dinner for us is....

1= Wellness - Turkey Stew (with Barley & Carrots in thick, chunky and gravy formulae)
PS: wow! although it's not cheap per can, but look! those real human-graded turkey meat with barley, carrots, celery in fragrant gravy do worth the price!

2= Pasta, Macaroni
3= Carrots
4= Celery
5= Fine Beans
6= Broccoli
7= a small amount of dry kibbles which we don't usually take (Taste of the wild, Wetlands Canine Formulae with Roasted Fowl)

PS from ADS: It's yummy and delicious! new food that we never tasted before!

After we had our dinner, we have our usual walks and off our humans go for their dinner...

when they were back, all of us watched movie...

It's another cold X'mas night for this year too... (Every year's X'mas is cold and wet, especially at night)


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