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Monday, September 6, 2010

Inhuman man kills dog by slamming it 10 times on floor but no one stops him

STOMPer muffy was horrified by the report of a dog that was brutally killed by a man. According to the report, a witness saw the poor pomeranian being thrown repeatedly "for at least 10 times" onto the floor of a HDB block in Sengkang.

The report describes how the man was seen dragging the pomeranian by a leash into a coffeeshop near Compassvale Link in Sengkang. The man asked one of the hawkers at the cofeeshop, a Mr Toh, for a knife, but his request was refused.

The man then left with the dog and a short while later, sounds of a man yelling and a dog yelping in pain were heard.

Mr Toh went to have a look, and saw the man hurling the dog on the floor "at least 10 times" over 10 minutes.

Several people saw what happened to the dog, and some of them cautioned Mr Toh against intervening, as the man "seemed like he was crazy."

Mr Toh called the police, but by the time they arrived, the dog was dead. The dog was described as having its face "soaked in blood".

The STOMPer says:

"I read a report in the New Paper and the Straits Times about a poor dog that was bashed to death by a man.

"The reports says the man asked a hawker for a knife, but the hawker refused.

"Can you imagine what would have happened had the hawker handed the man the knife??

"The dog-murderer would probably have used the knife to slash the poor dog to bits.

"I'm just wondering why no one stopped the man, and how these people could stand there and witness such cruelty for 10 whole minutes without lifting a finger to help the dog.

"As much as I'm horrified and disgusted at the cruelty of the man who killed the dog, I'm also appalled at the apathy of the people who witnessed the incident.

"Of course, no one wants to be beaten up, but the report states that several people were on hand when the man was abusing the dog.

"I'm sure if all these witnesses had gone forward to stop the man, he would have been at least scared off by the sheer number of people.

"Because these people refused to step forward to stop the man, a dog is dead."


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