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Monday, July 12, 2010

Woman whacks and whacks dog on head

A video of a woman beating her pet dog on the head with a wooden stick has drawn flak from netizens. In it, the woman is seen yelling at the dog for chewing on a cushion.

She repeatedly strikes the dog on the head forcefully, causing the dog to shriek in pain.

The dog tries to escape but has nowhere to run as it is cornered against a wall.

The person behind the camera can be heard persuading the woman to stop but she does not stop.

In an email, STOMPer ambien said:

"I found this on an online forum.

"The dog gets beaten on head hard because he bit the owner's cushion.

"They recorded the punishment and uploaded it online!

"I think the method of disciplining the dog is wrong as the dog might go deaf or die if this goes on".

STOMPer AK, who also saw the video online said:

"The video was titled: 'My dog Butters getting punished for chewing on cushion covers in Singapore'.

"Apparently, the woman in the video is the mother and the guy who posted the video is the owner of the dog".


Source: TODAY newspaper, 14 July 2010

PS from ADS: poor fellow doggie.... people who read it please do help spread around so that this MAD woman can be punished and save the dog...


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We go bite her! ><;

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