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Friday, February 20, 2009

Irresponsible Owners....

Neighbour gives us middle finger after his 3 vicious dogs attacked and bit us
A STOMPer says she and her family were attacked and bitten by her neighbour's dogs in Upper Bukit Timah Road on December 31, and the neighbour even showed them the middle finger afterwards.

She recounts the incident:

"While we were leaving our house with my two dogs, we had to pass by our neighbour's house as we had parked a distance away from our house.

"However we realised that the neighbour's house gate was open and suddenly three dogs -- one golden retriever, one Labrador and a German shepherd rushed out and came straight at us.

"We were so shocked and the golden retriever attacked my husky and the German shepherd attacked my son and I have to shield him away and was bitten on my thigh, while the labrador attacked my terrier.

"The german shepherd then turned his attention to my terrier and both dogs continously attacked my terrier.

"The German shepherd attacked her neck causing multiple deep puncture holes and the labrador attacked her back and injured her thighs.

"While we were screaming for help and trying to fend off the vicous attacks, my husband and I were further bitten.

"I was so in shocked that I fainted and neighbours had to call for ambulance.

"Apparently the neighbour wasn't even sorry for the incident and started provoking my husband and even used the middle finger at us for fending away their dogs while we were being bitten.

"The German shepherd wasn't even muzzled and they are so irresponsible even after the case of the rotweillers attack came out in the press.

"Thereafter the whole commotion we were sent to NUH A&E and my husband had to have 3 stitches to his hand.

"I was treated and discharged.

"We hope that the media is aware that such evil people still exist in Singapore and even after what the AVA has done they still allow their vicious dogs to attack humans and pets alike.

"Talking about value of our dogs -- the 2 dogs we have are actually Singapore's Number 1 show dog of the year and terrier of the year respectively and now the terrier cannot be shown due to her injuries."

AVA says that it is investigating the report.

OS: bcoz of irresonsponsible owners like them(the owners who's dog attacked other dogs/people) got other owners (Good owners) into those strict rules.... and being unfair to some breeds(refering to the Rottweiler...)

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