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Friday, November 21, 2008

The 3 some in Cage...


This is what happens when e 3 of us in the cage... poor thing de lah,our big brother and sisters so bad,lock us up in the cage.. lolz...
nah,actually,they lock the 3 of us in the cage coz eldest jie jie wanna mop the floor, and to prevent our fur from turning yellowish(the fur will turn yellowish when it came in contact with water if it's not properly cleanned)

then after eldest jie jie finished mopping,and the floor is completely dry, the 3 of us are freed from the cage again... hehex

OS:Dawn is the most nosiest one among e 3 in the cage and has the most movement ones!
Amber and Snowy just sleep while waiting for jie jie to release them...

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