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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It was Sharon who saw the ad on the clubpets mag about this product which we can improve the health of the dogs and sounded good so we finally made a purchased of two bottles of it on an online website and it finally got delivered to our house yesterday.

We wanted to try the products because we heard it is quite good to the skin....etc

As the previous post about Amber going to the
vet, She has got skin infection and fungus problems for quite a long time. She also have body odor and skin itchiness
which leads to some of the skin problems.....etc So her skin's health is quite poor.

As for dawn, her hair is growing at a slower rate as compared to others and i even heard from her ex-owner tt there's a patch at the lower part of the body is growing even slower than the rest of the body. And her hair seems more dry even though i have try 2,3 different types of shampoo for her but stil feels dry.

Also i have to clean her face with warm water and tear stain remover for at least once per day mostly 2-3 times a day. I even change her drinking water from tap water to boiled water
and added with cider vinegar which can prevent bacterial from growing on her fur (which can turn red around her eyes)but it only has a small effect on her, it only seems to have faded the redness a little but don't seems to clear the redness.
Finally, i found out the reason why her face keeps turning red. It's because tt she has got quite a bad watery eye problem which cause very heavy tear staining to her face.

So we are so excited to try out the products to see if it works.

The Packaging is quite small and contains only 30 capsules each and cost almost 40 dollars per bottle. Even though it's a bit costly but we wanna let the gals to try if it's good then it quite worth it. Anyway so far it the 2nd day on the feeding of the supplements and so far so good...hopefuly we can get good results...

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